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Today you can choose to do something amazing so real change happens in the world. 

As a result you will influence the most important agenda of the 21st century. Empowering young people in their communities so they become the change THEY want to see.

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This moment is shining a light on what is important to human beings. Above all, the depth of inequality and bias that exists that needs to be challenged.

In other words, now is the time for us to take ACTION. 

In short we should not and cannot be silent to discrimination based on race. However, this message is empowering if you have a ‘voice’ and the ‘know how’ and crippling if you don’t.

It is important to begin with children young enough so they are aware of the topic of race, but have not yet fully instilled biases. Starting young means we can influence real change in attitudes, behaviour and consequently, social cohesion.

Equal Futures Breakfast Clubs will start in London initially, after that, we will branch out throughout the UK.

The Problem  

Racism in the UK is multi-faceted. Throughout history wealth and prosperity has been created through the exploitation of people of colour.  In other words, exploitation is intwined with Britain’s wealth and growth.

Consequently, racism shapes our institutions and so many socio-economic factors. For example, people of colour have less access to opportunities. They have less wealth and power and so more susceptible to poor mental and physical health. People of colour are also more likely to be victims of crime and to law enforcement brutality.


  • Things We Should Not Ignore

    • 84% of BAME Britons think the UK is still very or somewhat racist. (YouGov 2020)
    • The 2018 Equality and Human Rights Commission results reported:
      Black Caribbean and Mixed White/Black Caribbean children are three times more likely to be permanently excluded from school.
      Black people are three times higher than for White people to be prosecuted and sentenced.
      35.7 per cent of ethnic minorities were more likely to live in poverty compared with 17.2 per cent of White people.
    • Statistics show the impact of bias and systematic racism in Britain, from childbirth to retirement. (New Statesman, 2020)
    • White students aged 16-18 are twice as likely (11.0% versus 5.1%) as their fellow black students to achieve 3 A grades at ‘A’ Level. (Byline Times, 2020)
    • Police are 10 times more likely to stop and search people who are black than white people. (Ethnicity Facts and Figures, .gov.uk, 2019)
  • The Solution


    • Teach skills to build competencies.
    • Listen to children, so they know they have a voice.
    • Talk honestly with young people so they learn about race and discrimination.
    • Answer their questions honestly.
    • Admit when adults don’t have an answer.
    • Point out moments when they have more agency because of their skin colour, socio-economic status, gender expression.
  • Implementing Equal Futures


    1. Pilot with two groups of children aged 10-12
      • 1 group in Southwark
      • 1 group in North London
    2. Recruit and train volunteers from the community to run the 10 week Equal Futures Breakfast Club
    3. Evaluate the pilot. Measure impact.
    4. Update and scale!
  • Curriculum Overview


    • Week 1: Introduction to the project
    • Week 2: Exploring Histories
    • Week 3: Field Trip (National Gallery)
    • Week 4: Race and The Media
    • Week 5: Positive Role Models
    • Week 6: Leadership
    • Week 7: Law Enforcement
    • Week 8: Field Trip (National Trust)
    • Week 9: Explaining ‘White Privilege’
    • Week 10: Tackling Racism for a Better Future
  • Meet Lara, Equal Futures Project Director

    Lara is the driving force for Equal Futures Breakfast Clubs. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and her own experiences of racism in the UK, Lara is passionate about giving children of all ethnicities the skills to create a positive and equal future for themselves and for the rest of their generation.

    She has 8 years working experience including work for charities, providing marketing consultancy for a range of businesses, and most importantly running her own social enterprise helping to combat human trafficking in India. Lara developed the wellness business as a sole founder and was one of the first ever social enterprises to be presented on Dragons Den in 2017.

    Lara says “Now is the time to make a difference, a lasting change, led by young people themselves. Covid19 has shone a light on race and racism. This is a unique moment in history when we have the opportunity to effect real change. Help us make it a reality by donating today.”

  • What We Will Use The Funding On

    We need £39,000 for:

    • Project management
    • Field trips – a key element of the learning experience
    • Breakfasts – full stomachs are important
    • Social media and branding – so people know
    • Training volunteers – from the community
    • Evaluation – to test it delivers
  • The Equal Futures Competencies



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