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Lunch and Learn Resilience

Resilience is needed now, perhaps more than ever, but what does it mean to be mentally resilient? 

We are more than professionals, workers, colleagues, we are human beings and people matter. Psychological fitness is as important as physical fitness and advances in neuroscience mean we understand so much more about how to look after ourselves psychologically, how to be emotionally resilient.

Lunch and Learn Resilience has been designed for staff groups to explore the science of mental resilience in a way that feels intellectually demanding, personal and practical. Participants will come away from the session with a clear understanding of the foundations for resilience and how to build it in themselves and others. Bounce Forward’s approach is not your usual ‘wellbeing’ programme, this is different. Our approach is based on science. It’s about a set of structured skills that not only create a shared language framework, but will equip your team with the knowledge and practical tools that underpin mental fitness, in the same way we know how to look after our physical fitness.

Bounce Forward’s approach is drawn from positive psychology and is forward focused. It means individuals develop a sophisticated sense of self, so they can make the most of opportunities and deal well with setbacks. The pandemic has created a more emphasised blurring of boundaries between personal and professional lives and heightens the need to recognise and value the importance of looking after ourselves as a key driver for both personal and professional success.  


More Information  

  • Learning outcomes for your staff team

    • Introduction to resilience – what it is and why its important
    • Explore personal resilience and how to build it
    • Consider psychological fitness and 21st century skills
    • Explore energy, emotions and performance

    The 1 hour webinar will be facilitated by Bounce Forward’s CEO and Founder, Lucy Bailey.

    Lucy’s passion is to equip individuals to be the best version of themselves. Her delivery style is authentic, practical and wedded to the real world. 

  • How much does it cost? 

    The session is a one-off cost of £1,500.

    This session can cater for up to 60 people.

    In addition – you can nominate a school to receive free Teach Mental Resilience training. This is a brilliant way to give back to the community. Bounce Forward will make contact with your chosen school to give them the good news and arrange access to the training. Once trained your sponsored teacher will receive evidenced based lessons they can use year on year on year.

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