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31st March 2020

Online Resilience Course for Parents

The coronavirus lockdown has caused millions of children to be home for an indefinite amount of time, not to mention the connotations of a ‘lockdown period.’ Children and teenagers can find this difficult for a whole host of reasons – leaving them feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or exhausted.

Helping Children Thrive at Home

There is an immediate need to preserve childrens’ wellbeing and build resilience at this point in history, where it is genuinely needed. To support this need, Bounce Forward has scheduled a series of sessions to help parents with children aged 9 years and above coping with uncertainty to thrive. Each hour-long session will walk parents through the content based on the science of resilience, and evidence on how to support our children to develop resilience.

The sessions provide reflective and practical approaches in resilience to support positive changes in cognition and behaviour. Parents will learn how to build vital skills to help their children be more resilient during this uncertain time.

Session Topics

Session 1: Introduction to resilient parenting

Session 2: Optimism during uncertainty

Session 3: Developing the mental muscle

Session 4: Compassionate communication

Session 5: Mindsets and energy

Session 6: Parenting to strengths

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