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30th October 2015

Our colleague Peer Van der Kreeft receives European honour

Congratulations to our colleague and friend Peer Van der Kreeft who has been awarded the 2015 EUSPR Honour for Leading European prevention Science Practitioner. The award is given “for outstanding leadership of the adoption and implementation of evidence-based prevention strategies, including support for further high-quality research evaluation”.

The award is nominated by EUSPR members and decided by the EUSPR Awards Committee. Peer received several nominations because of his extensive years of work actively promoting and supporting evidence-based prevention strategies at an international level. Peer has been involved in several major projects, including promoting and enabling several countries to adopt Unplugged (more info on Unplugged below). More recently he has worked to support countries outside Europe to train staff and implement evidence-based prevention programs.

We are delighted to have met and worked with Peer as part of the Healthy Minds project and to see Unplugged feature within the Healthy Minds curriculum.

Unplugged is a school-based drug prevention curriculum based on the comprehensive social influence approach. During the 12 lessons behaviours are introduced and exercised to strengthen young people’s attitudes and skills that lead to resisting the pressures towards drug use. Unplugged has been developed in cooperation of seven EU-countries known as the EU-DAP, European Drug Addiction Prevention project. It has been evaluated for its effectiveness of reducing drug use with positives outcomes seen in smoking, drinking and cannabis use.

If you would like to find out more about Unplugged or join us at the trading to be able to teach the Unplugged lessons contact us.

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