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20th March 2015

Promoting Children and Young People’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Today Public Health England have published guidance for head teachers and college principals on the 8 principles for promoting emotional health and wellbeing in schools and colleges.

The 8 principles in the document are informed by evidence and practitioner feedback about what works, and if applied consistently and comprehensively will contribute towards helping protect and promote student emotional health and wellbeing (H&W). The document signposts to Ofsted inspection criteria, practice examples and resources to support implementation.

Bounce Forward (formerly How to Thrive) contributed to the document and would encourage you to share across your networks.

The document may be of interest to:

  • school and college governing bodies
  • staff working in education settings
  • school nurses
  • local public health teams
  • academy chains
  • others with a role of promoting H&W of children and learners

Download the document at

Ref: PHE publications gateway number: 2014825

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