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We recently received some heartwarming news that we would love to share with you as well as express our sincere gratitude.

Not so long ago we learnt about a man called Elliott Simmons who had sadly lived a rather troubled life. In the latter parts of his life, Elliott required 24-hour care as he struggled from paranoid schizophrenia. His parents had both passed away and he didn't have any friends, which left him without the care he required and living a very solitary life. In December 2011, Elliott, unfortunately, lost his life a few days after suffering from a heart attack. Before passing away, Elliott's father made sure that his funds would be passed down to his son to provide for the care he required. Seventeen years prior to Elliott's debilitating illness, Elliott created a will in which he decided to leave his money to a private charity trust. The money will go onto be used to help those who need it most, especially charities that deal with mental health. Bounce Forward was recently contacted by one of the trustees of the Elliott Simmons Charitable Trust, who kindly announced that we are one of the chosen charities to receive a donation from Elliott's Trust. The trustee said, "Donating funds to Bounce Forward would have made Elliott very proud." Our CEO, Lucy Bailey said "We are extremely grateful for this kind donation. It will allow us to do more of what we love, working with schools so they can teach resilience to help young people be the best version of themselves."

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