#PowerOfYouth - Bounce Forward


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widespread, affecting the lives of every baby, child and young person in the country. This generation of children face unprecedented threats to their childhoods. They deserve an unprecedented response.

We are joining 150+ organisations in a call to Government to put babies, children and young people at the heart of the coronavirus response.

Our statement calls on Government to embrace a new vision of childhood and set out their solutions to the pressing issues facing children and young people, including child poverty, mental health, and school closures.

Children and young people are joining our call and raising their voices on social media, using #ChildrenAtTheHeart and #PowerOfYouth to share their priorities for recovery.

Download the full Statement on Recovery here

Voices of young people

"I have been affected by Covid19 because I could not see my grandma who was and still is ill and is losing her memory, it makes me sad because sometimes she doesn't remember mine or my siblings' names and she has a cataract in her eye which causing her vision in that eye to go blurry ,and she has to have a riskful surgery to remove her eye lens, and replace it with a artificial one. I think that I may need a period of time after everything is over to see my grandmother and help my aunt to look after her." Serge, year 7

"Covid19 has affected me in many ways and it has affected how I'm living at the moment. I have struggled with school work and keeping on track, I have struggled not seeing friends and family, I have struggled not being able to do the things i love most and it has pushed me back alot.I do cheerleading it is something that keeps me on my feet and pushes me to do things I never thought i could do and at the moment it has been taken away from me but luckily my coach has been believing in me and keeping me going! To recover from this no one can do anything except for me. I have to try and work harder than ever and if I want something and to overcome something I have to believe in myself then I can do anything!!!" Grace, year 8

"I think I may need more support when I go back to school as I feel I have really struggled with the home learning and not having teachers there to help. I am worried that I will have fallen behind and can't catch up, and I am worried that my brain will not cope going back to full time learning and being back in the school environment." Lillie, year 8

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