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9th June 2021

The Big Education Conversation

The Big Education Conversation national campaign is now live and will run for one month until the 8th July 2021. It has been created to get people talking about what education should really be for and how it should change for the future, and to shine a light on the conversations already happening. 

Big Change, IPPR and partners including Bounce Forward will take the findings of the Big Education Conversation and use them to set-up an ambitious 5 year project, led by young people, parents, teachers and employers. The project is looking to transform the system through public debate, insight and ideas, and experiments across the country.

Bounce Forward hosted:

  • A big conversation with students from the Equality, Equity and Diversity Group at Chancellors School on 22nd June. This group of students provided thoughtful insights about how and what they needed from education. Get in touch to find out more.
  • A conversation with Professor John Coleman to understand what needs to change in education to meet the needs of adolescents as they develop including brain development. You can listen to the recording of the conversation here.
  • A conversation with Leslee Udwin from Think Equal on why education for our youngest children needs to focus on social, emotional skills that teach compassion and kindness. You can listen to the recording of the conversation here.

Want got involved too?  

It’s not too late and it’s easy to get behind the campaign, just:

  • Visit and add your voice, and encourage friends, family, and colleagues to do the same 
  • Follow Big Education Conversation on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook and like, share, and comment on the launch posts
  • Share the blurb below with your networks to encourage them to get involved…

The Big Education Conversation is a national campaign to get people talking about what education should really be for and how it could change for the future. Everyone needs to have their say. Add your voice and get involved at and on social media using the hashtag #BigEdConvo

Finally, look out for…

  • Social content from a Big Education Conversation between young people, George the Poet and Holly Branson
  • An Economist Educational Foundation resource for teachers – released on Friday 18th June – sign up to receive it

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