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Prepare for Health Education

Health Education along with Relationships & Sex Education became a statutory subject from September 2020. More importantly, perhaps, the pandemic has reminded us how important it is for young people to develop resilience and life skills so they are better equipped to deal with uncertainty and learn to thrive in and beyond school.

Healthy Minds is an evidence based 5 year curriculum that provides 62 lessons designed to fit into the curriculum, and which is being implemented in schools across the country. We hosted a webinar on the 13th May 2021 to provide an insight into Healthy Minds.

Described by Lord Richard Layard, Emeritus Professor of Economics, at the London School of Economics, as the ‘most ambitious life skills curriculum in the world”.

The planning and development that went into creating Healthy Minds offers a model that is useful to understand when planning a curriculum that will promote and build resilience and social, emotional wellbeing of students. This is a useful and free resource for Senior Mental Health Leads in secondary schools as they plan the curriculum, teaching and learning for their students.


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The webinar will provide you with the background and findings of the Healthy Minds research project and you will learn about what has happened beyond the project. You will hear directly from secondary schools implementing Healthy Minds and from students who have been taught the curriculum. The aim is to showcase Healthy Minds as a model of design and delivery that can be applied to meet the new Health Education requirements.

Webinar Contributions from

  • Lucy Bailey CEO, Bounce Forward and Director of Healthy Minds Research Project. Lucy shared the background and details of the Healthy Minds Research Project that tracked 11,000 students over 5 years. She gave insight into the key learnings and impact of the project as well as the conceptual framework for the curriculum design.
  • Dr Grace Lordan Associate Professor in Behavioural Science and Director of The Inclusion Initiative at London School of Economics and Political Science. Grace will shared her insight into why teaching life skills is essential for long term outcomes and for an inclusive society.
  • Senior leaders in schools who were involved in the research project gave their perspective and the approach and delivery model they have continued beyond the research project.
  • Elisha Hamilton Project Development Manager, Bounce Forward explained what is included in the extensive Healthy Minds Package and how schools can access it.
  • Sam Hesling, Head of Year 10 at Chancellor’s School discussed the benefits of teaching Healthy Minds in and beyond the classroom.
  • Jyoti Pettit explained how Healthy Minds is being implemented at The Suthers School, a new, non selective school that serves the communities of Newark.
  • Robert Wilkinson Managing Director, BounceTogether, shared their game-changing digital platform for measuring and continually monitoring wellbeing and mental health, that is included in the Healthy Minds package.
  • Star guests were students who have been taught Healthy Minds who shared their experience of the teaching and learning.


Healthy Minds in Oldham

Healthy Minds was implemented in Oldham as part of the Opportunity Area work.

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