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Resilience Booster Lessons

Boosting Resilience So Young People Thrive

This provides a full suite of 24 resilience lessons for students as they move through their education journey. As young people develop and grow, so do the challenges and opportunities they face. So the lessons advance with them to accommodate their changing needs and to build skills relevant to their environments. The suite builds on the core resilience skills taught in Teach Resilience, enhancing the long term resilience and personal development of students, improving their self awareness and confidence and empathy and compassion for others.

The complete Resilience Booster suite is just £440

6 lessons – Resilience Revisited & Communication (designed for age 12 -13)

7 lessons – Resilient Relationships (designed for age 13 – 14)

4 lessons – Resilient Decisions (designed for age 14 -15)

7 lessons – Resilient Learners (designed for age 15 – 16) – including 2 new lessons added in August 2021


Boosting Resilience Lessons 

The teaching and learning materials for twenty two ‘booster’ lessons will be delivered electronically – ready for use in the classroom.

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  • Resilience Revisited and Communication 

    These lessons offer an opportunity to revisit and reinforce the core resilience skills. The learning then builds to cover how to communicate with confidence, learning new ways of solving problems (moving on), and the importance of empathy.

    • Revisit the skills of resilience
    • Optimistic thinking
    • WoBbLe revisited
    • Assertive communication
    • Moving On
    • Empathy and resilience planning


    Designed for students aged 12-13 adaptable to other age groups.

  • Resilient Relationships 

    These lessons focus on human connection. The way students build connections, their willingness to reach out (when they need to) and having empathy and care for others all increase personal happiness.

    The ability to recognise and respect that we can have different views, we can agree to disagree and still value the other perspective, has never been more important.

    • Resilient Relationships
    • Big Sticky Bs (BSBs)
    • Identifying BSBs
    • BSBs and Human Connection
    • Changing BSBs
    • Communicating BSBs
    • BSBs and Planning for the future


    Designed for students aged 13-14 adaptable to other age groups.

  • Resilient Decisions 

    The world is changing, students are changing, risk and opportunity become more entwined. Exploring the concept of ambiguity in the context of the resilience skills is where the ‘magic’ really starts to embed.

    • Ambiguity, complexity and independent thought
    • Assessing risk and opportunity
    • Assertive Communication in Decision Making
    • Reviewing how we make decisions


    Designed for students aged 14-15 adaptable to other age groups.

  • Resilient Learners 

    Learning is forever. Recognising personal strengths, exploring what we can learn from others, pursuing a growth mindset and planning techniques are so useful. Applying the skills of resilience to studying and exam experiences is not just relevant in school, but in life.

    • Barriers to Success
    • Learning Priority and Strategies
    • Learning Mindsets
    • Dealing with anxiety
    • Action Planning
    • Energy and Performance
    • Strengths


    Designed for students aged 15-16 adaptable to other age groups.

Click to reveal answers to some frequently asked questions

  • What is it?

    Resilience Boosters is a suite of twenty two lessons designed to contribute to the personal development of students. Helping them to build resilience competencies so they deal well with setbacks and make the most of opportunities.


  • What age group are the lessons for?

    The lessons are designed for students aged 12-16 years old.

    Whilst the lessons have been designed for specific age ranges, they can easily be adapted to suit younger and older students.

    They can also be easily adapted to different topics areas or current affairs relevant to young people.

  • How do the materials arrive? 

    All teaching and learning materials are delivered electronically, ready to use in the classroom.

    The resources include;

    • lesson plans
    • powerpoint decks
    • worksheets
    • videos
    • images


  • Do I need to complete any training?

    No, you will already have completed extensive training in Teach Resilience or Master Teaching Resilience

    As part of the suite we provide you with access to a virtual CPD, recommended prior to teaching Resilient Relationships.

    The session refreshes the resilience skills and focuses on how to teach Big Sticky Beliefs.

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“Resilience is something that grows and grows. I wish I’d had this training when I was at school.”

“The ability to think flexibly and realistically, to be able to communicate assertively and harness emotions is key for our students to be able to get on with each other, have hope for the future and show compassion to others. Vital for any age and across any topic area.”