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Resilient Futures For All

Today you can choose to do something amazing so real change happens in the world. 

As a result you will influence the most important agenda of the 21st century. Empowering young people not in education, employment or training so they are no longer left behind and can become the change THEY want to see.

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This moment is shining a light on what is important to human beings, and what needs to change. For example the depth of inequality and bias that exists, the implications of a technology dominant world and the impact of our behaviour on the environment.

Now is the time to take ACTION and you can be part of it. 

Young adults may have developed outstanding academic qualifications, or struggled through, either way they need to develop life skills.

Resilient Futures supports young adults to understand how to get through challenging times, recognise that failure is part of success and learn how to look after themselves. In doing so they also learn to care for others. We have an opportunity, right now, a unique moment in our history, to make a difference, to be able to look back and be proud of how we responded to this situation in a way that helps young people thrive to a better future.

Bounce Forward Resilient Futures  

Young people need resilience and particularly emotional resilience more now than perhaps ever before. Increasingly we worry about the mental health of young people and with a heavily weighted focus on exams, many talented young people get left behind – not in employment, training or education. Work places of the future need young people who are equipped with the skills, self-confidence and agility to recognise failure as a learning opportunity, to be equipped to think flexibly and realistically, be self aware, compassionate and competent in their human connections. This matters to them as individuals and to society as a whole.

Support us to reach young adults.

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We are credible and established national charity.

Have a proven track record in delivering evidenced based impact, having reached over 750,000 young people.

We led the cutting edge Healthy Minds research project in partnership with the London School of Economics and funded by the Education Endowment Foundation.

Achieved significant results in Randomised Control Trials.

We have 13 years experience of scaling important ideas that make a difference.