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Skills Young People Need to Thrive


There has never been a greater need for students to be taught resilience skills as part of core education, so they can overcome challenging times and thrive in life. Teach Resilience is a 1-day online training that prepares staff to teach six evidence-based resilience lessons, three follow-up sessions are also included.

Fully Funded by Oldham Opportunity Area


Bounce Forward Resilience Lessons 

After completing the online training, teaching and learning materials for six lessons will be delivered electronically – ready for use in the classroom.

In addition, you will receive a special Response to COVID-19 pack to help teachers help students deal with the aftermath of the pandemic. The pack contains activities to help students learn the skills of resilience in direct response to their lived experience in recent months.

Click each lesson to reveal the outcomes.

  • 1) Resilience & Harnessing Positive Emotions

    • Understand that life is a journey with challenges (big and small) and it is our resilience that helps us overcome these
    • Discover that emotions can be helpful and unhelpful, and we can learn to regulate them
    • Know we ALL have resilience
  • 2) Connecting the Brain, Emotions & Thoughts

    • Understand the brain and the role of emotions
    • Consider the importance of being calm to help with resilient responses
    • Discover the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • 3) Introducing Gremlin Beliefs

    • Understand that resilience skills can help us understand why we react the way we do
    • Identify common Gremlin Beliefs of resilience
    • Recognise that the Gremlin Beliefs are not in control
  • 4) Optimism & Evidence

    • Understand there is a difference between optimistic and pessimistic thinking
    • Know the importance of respect for different perspectives
    • Discover how to use evidence to create more flexible and accurate thinking
  • 5) WoBbLe

    • Understand the importance of gratitude
    • Know how to use the WoBbLe skill – to tame the Catastrophising Gremlin Belief
    • Discover how to calm down when emotions are strong
  • 6) Resilience Planning

    • Understand all the resilience skills covered in the lessons
    • Create an individual resilience plan
    • Consider how resilience skills can help one express themselves and understand others

Click to reveal answers to some frequently asked questions

  • Why are we doing this?

    Oldham Opportunity Area has commissioned Bounce Forward to support schools through coordinated programme of activity and training.

    The aim to ease some of the strain that teachers and students will feel about the current situation and returning to school. Bounce Forward resilience skills will help them get through these times, and mean schools are also meeting the statutory requirement to teach emotional resilience as part of Health Education.


  • What is it?

    A one-day online course that takes staff through the science of resilience so they can develop the skills in themselves. Teaching and learning materials for six evidenced based lessons will be sent electronically.

    This is followed by three more 1-hour online sessions that will be given once schools start. The aim is to support the teaching and learning materials, so staff are fully equipped to teach the lessons.

    The training has been fully funded by Oldham Opportunity Area.

  • What age group are the lessons for?

    The six resilience lessons and the Special Response to COVID-19 pack are designed for students aged 10 – 13.


  • Do I need to attend live?

    Yes, the training is fully interactive and you are required to be present to complete the course.

    Our trainer will walk you through the skills, first at an adult level, so you understand and can think about the skills for yourself first. This approach has been central to the evidence for achieving the most effective outcomes for students and for high quality teaching and learning in the classroom.

  • Will I receive a certificate?

    Yes, you will be certified with a Teach Resilience certificate upon completion of the full training.

  • Are there breaks?

    Yes, we recognise the need to build in regular breaks to the training. The off-line breaks will include activities relevant to the training and down time to relax and respond to demands at home.

  • Can I ask questions?

    Absolutely, this is a fully interactive training programme. You will be able to engage directly with the trainer.

  • Will I be visible to the group?

    Yes, this is a fully interactive, online training programme where all participants use their camera and microphones to take part.

  • Where is it?

    The training will take place on Zoom, an online platform that allows participants to see each other and the content. If you don’t already have the Zoom app, you can download it for free here. Once installed on your device, simply click on the link provided by us at the allocated time, and we will take care of the rest. There is a useful video tutorial on how to join a meeting here.

Click here to contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you there!

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What teachers say

What teachers say

What Students Say

“Bounce Forward lessons have helped my year group understand each other’s feelings a lot better. We now look at situations in-depth rather than just how they seem on the surface.”

“I have learnt how to act differently in lessons; it has helped me be more mature.”

“It has made me a calmer person. I don’t catastrophise as much anymore. I was snappy to make decisions in the past, but now I slow down and assess situations.”

What teachers say

What teachers say

What teachers say