Lucienne Miller - Bounce Forward

16th October 2020

Lucienne Miller

Lucienne delivered business training on behalf of the Princes Trust for almost a decade. Her work here set her on the path to finding evidence based and science backed to help people in everyday situations take control of their mental well-being. Lucienne has a degree in philosophy, a long background in youth work, is a military spouse and mum to four young children. She is passionate about taking resilience and well-being education into the very heart of the military. Using resilience education to teach essential skills to the children and families of all those serving both at home and overseas. Lucienne runs her own business, Ebb&Flow Global from her home overseas, and first contacted Bounce Forward as she wanted to help her children develop their resilience and well-being in the midst of Covid when they also had the added hurdle of being military children posted overseas.


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