Lucy Bailey - Bounce Forward

29th August 2018

Lucy Bailey

Lucy Bailey is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Bounce Forward. She is proud of her beginnings as a youth worker and her 17 years of experience of working in, developing, reforming and managing children’s services. Over the last twelve years Lucy has focused on education and has been instrumental in embedding resilience curricular in schools and services across the UK. Her passion is to drive a movement to influence UK policy around education to form a positive system of change. Lucy directed the Healthy Minds research project, has an MSc in Practice Based Research, a BSc in Social Policy and Criminology, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

Lucy’s top five strengths are

  1. Honesty – authenticity, being true to oneself, sincerity without pretence, integrity
  2. Love – both loving and being loved, valuing close relations with others, genuine warmth
  3. Hope – optimism, positive future-mindedness, expecting the best & working to achieve it
  4. Bravery – valor, not shrinking from threat or challenge, facing fears, speaking up for what’s right
  5. Perspective – wisdom, providing wise counsel, taking the big picture view

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