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24th January 2020

Martin Bellamy

Martin Bellamy (Chair) founded Salamanca Group in 2002. Since the start, Martin has been at the helm of the Group, where he led on the regeneration of the Mediterranean’s leading superyacht marina and Bulgaria Mall, one of the largest developments completed in South-Eastern Europe when launched.

Initially, Salamanca invested Partner Funds into Real Estate, Mining and Infrastructure related projects. In 2005 Martin co-founded Salamanca Risk Management, which was sold to Management and XL Insurance in 2016 and is now known as S-R-M. In 2008 Salamanca was repositioned as a Merchant Banking Business. In 2012 Martin acquired Investec’s Trust Business from the Bank, which over £10bn under Trust; this business was subsequently sold to Management and an external investor.

In 2017, Martin became Chairman and Co-CEO of Gravity, the UK’s first commercial smart campus – a blueprint for a smarter, cleaner future underpinned by clean growth. Home to where companies make a difference socially, economically and environmentally.

In 2019 Martin, in response to what he sees as a seismic change to the global economy similar to the industrial revolution, focused the Group on Clean Growth opportunities. Martin is also the founder of the Clean Growth Leadership Network (CGLN) and the Chairman of our charity.

In 2021, Martin was appointed as director of Wildfox Resorts, which will bring to fruition the UK’s first ‘Active adventure resort’ based in Afan Valley, South Wales.

In 1997 he became one of a few people to row the Atlantic Ocean with his good friend Mark Mortimer. Martin holds an MBA from Reading University and is a fellow in the Royal Geographical Society.

Click here to listen to Martin discuss our Principal Investment’s push towards sustainability and Clean Growth on BBC Radio Five Live’s ‘Wake up to Money’ programme. 

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