Essential Resilience for Parents


This introduction session boosts parents’ resilience skills and offers ideas for fostering resilience at home. Parents have a vital role to play in helping their children develop resilience, but too often is the urge to protect them from setbacks. We tend to solve problems for them rather than supporting them to develop their own resilience. Parents will gain an understanding of the most effective ways to develop their child’s resilience including how to role model resilience.


  • Duration

    2½ - 3 hour session. Can be delivered as a day or evening session

  • Delivery

    Presentations, participation activity, paired and whole group Q & A

  • For


  • Aim

    To introduce parents to the foundational skill of resilience recognising how to use it in their own lives, creating a home environment able to guide their children to build their resilience skills

  • Price

    £950 inclusive of travel to school

  • Outcomes

    • Parents understand what we mean by the concept of resilience
    • An introduction and practical exploration of ABC, the foundational resilient thinking skill
    • Explore tips on how to role model resilience and pass on to their children

In a bit more detail:

Our Bounce Forward team run the development session with schools for the parents they invite. If you are a parent and are interested in, please let your school know so they can contact us.

Next Course

The next step for parents is Raising a Resilient Child – a six session programme that offers a deep dive into the skills they need to help their children develop resilience.

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“I am now more aware of how I react to things – I had never heard of the ABC model before but it was really helpful.”

Essentials for Parents

Parent, Bridgewater School

“The course reiterated how important we are as an influence on our children. It was useful to recognise that the ‘soft’ skills are as important as the traditional ones.”

Essentials for Parents

Parent, Aylesbury High School