Mental Illness Investigated


A day long course to teach students to help them understand the science of mental illness and how to look after themselves so they are mentally and physically healthy.

Staff become equipped to teach a 7-lesson curriculum that improves awareness of what constitutes mental illness in all its forms thus reducing the stigma surrounding it. As a result, this allows greater empathy on behalf of staff towards pupils and pupils towards their peers recognising symptoms in themselves and others. This is especially important in an age where there is so much pressure on young people from multiple sources such as social media.

This evidence-based programme has already helped many students understand and combat stress, recognise common types of mental illness, develop strategies to identify and overcome mental illness and learn how to boost mental health.


  • Duration

    1 day

  • Delivery

    On-line, interactive training

  • For

    Staff teaching pupils aged 13 - 16

  • Aim

    For staff to be confident in teaching the 7-lesson curriculum and understand the science of mental illness.

  • Price

    £140 per person

  • Outcomes


    • Are prepared to teach the curriculum
    • Gain a good understanding of mental illness, including the parallels with physical health, the role of the brain, common triggers for young people and the protective factors
    • Can teach techniques for building and sustaining good mental health
    • Can teach coping strategies and support pupils in need


    • Have a more holistic understanding of mental illness; what it is and the science behind it
    • Understand the importance of mental health
    • Gain knowledge of how to promote and look after their own personal and mental wellbeing
    • Are able to recognise signs of mental illness in themselves and peers, able to offer effective support and know where to get help when needed

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“It was so useful to think about mental health generally, and then look more specifically at the excellent teaching resources, case studies and practical strategies that I know will engage students.”

Mental Illness investigated


Teachers rate the main learning outcome for this course 4.7 out of 5