Social Media Investigated


A day long course to train staff to deliver 14 lessons that help young people navigate and make the most of the complex social media world.

Social Media Investigated brings together 2 elements, Media Navigator, designed for students aged 10 -12 and Media Influences, designed for students aged 11-14. Each can be taught as a standalone curriculum, but there is value in continuing and extending the learning by delivering both.

Media Navigator looks at the interaction between online and offline and the role in plays in effecting sense of self and human connection. The 6 lessons enable students to define key media skills that enable them to recognise the blurring of boundaries, and how unrealistic the online world can be. Students consider who, and how they want to be represented on-line, creating a direct link to the impact of what happens on-line to the physical world.

Media Influences builds upon the understanding of media literacy and explores media messages on the topics of gender, body image, health, and food marketing. This allows students to think critically about how they are persuaded by media and to think about the choices they make regarding their health and their lives.


  • Duration

    1 day

  • Delivery

    On-line interactive training

  • For

    Staff teaching students aged 10 - 14

  • Aim

    To equip and prepare staff to teach Social Media Investigated.

  • Price

    £140 per person

  • Outcomes


    • are prepared to teach the curriculum
    • can critically analyse media and techniques of persuasion and apply this to their own experience


    • recognise the difference between fantasy and reality and the characteristics of reality tv
    • are able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of social media, and on short and long-term goals. These skills can be transferred to new and evolving media
    • discuss gender constructs and their impact
    • learn the subtext and untold stories behind media messages regarding a range of topics such as sexuality, body size, food and exercise, and how this can lead to harmful behaviours (such as bullying and addiction)
    • learn how to analyse the ways in which they themselves are targeted by media and evaluate how media impact their thoughts and beliefs.

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“Everyday interactions within social mediums are the norm for our students. Some manage the environments well, while others struggle. Considering both the benefits and drawbacks in a way that engages young people is well overdue.”

Social Media Investigated

Matthew Job, Dormers Wells High School