Raising a Resilient Child


This 6-session course introduces parents to effective ways to raise resilient children. The purpose is to be better informed so they can help their children to thrive by dealing well with setbacks and making the most of opportunities. The course provides a deep dive into all the core resilience skills; including practical solution focussed training to develop personal resilience. As parents transition through the course, they gain a deeper understanding of the impact they have on those around them and of parenting to their strengths. The content is explored through conversations providing the opportunity to discuss and share experiences.


  • Duration

    6 sessions - each session is 2.5 hour

  • Delivery

    Discussion, individual participation, individual tasks shared with group. Peer and trainer feedback, paired and whole group discussion. Journaling at home in between sessions.

  • For


  • Aim

    To enable parents to develop a deep understanding of their own personal resilience, to be able to pass on the skills to their children through what they say and in the behaviour they model.

  • Price

    £2,400 for 6 week programme

  • Outcomes

    • Gain a thorough understanding of the skills of resilience and importantly understand and recognise it within themselves
    • Understand one’s own resilience, gaining the tools to offer effective support to their children.
    • Understand unhelpful thought patterns, so they can encourage their children to think accurately and flexibly.
    • Gain understanding of how to teach their children to develop more positive mindsets and channel energy in useful ways
    • Explore and identify their strengths and how to parent at their best

In a bit more detail:

This programme is developed in partnership with schools, run for parents of school children. If you are a parent, please talk to your child’s school about your interest. Our Bounce Forward team require a classroom or hall to deliver the course in after school hours.

Course format:

  • Resilient parenting
  • Resilient thinking
  • Thinking differently – changing unhelpful habits
  • Resilient relationships
  • Mindsets and energy
  • Parenting to your strengths

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