Master Teaching Resilience

Training Course & Lesson Materials

Fully equips staff to teach 6 high-quality resilience lessons

Helps your school to:

  • Support students to develop essential resilience skills
  • Enable teachers and students to thrive
  • Meet new statutory Health Education requirements


  • Duration

    2 days

  • Delivery

    Interactive presentations, activities and discussions. A full set of teaching and learning materials are provided electronically. Ready to use in the classroom.

  • For

    Thoughtfully selected teachers who are open to learning and teaching resilience. The lessons are designed for students in year 6 or 7.

  • Aim

    Day 1 focuses on theory, research and adult level skills - providing essential learning so teachers can effectively use and model the skills. Day 2 is all practical - preparation is key to delivering high quality teaching and learning. It is also key to creating real behavioural change, so that students gain practical solutions to common problems.

  • Price

    £410 per teacher (Including curriculum and teaching resources)

  • Outcomes


    • Discover research and evidence for building resilience
    • Recognise why and how resilience can be taught in schools
    • Know the essential resilience skills, including habits of thinking and how to manage them
    • Understand how to promote emotional resilience
    • Gain practical resilience-building techniques that can be implemented in school and life beyond


    • A greater capacity to thrive
    • The ability to think about their thinking
    • Have a toolkit to manage their behaviour
    • Feel good and function well
    • Achieve the best version of themselves


    • Improve statistics
    • Meet statutory Health Education requirements
    • Meet Ofsted requirements on Personal Development


Next Step: Resilience Booster Lessons

After completing Master Teaching Resilience, schools can access the Resilience Booster Lessons to provide 4 years of teaching and learning.

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“The training is based on evidence. It feels well informed and trustworthy.”

Master Teaching Resilience

Teacher, Saint Wilfrid's CofE Academy

100% of teachers agreed or strongly agreed that the approach will improve the school and would recommend the training to others.


Teachers , Oldham schools