Whole Staff Groups - Bounce Forward

Whole Staff Groups

This development session provides a thorough introduction to resilience. Staff from all areas of the school will benefit from learning how they can apply resilience skills to their professional and everyday lives. Many schools have used this service as a key building block to create a culture of resilience where staff and students thrive.


  • Duration

    ½ day (2.5 - 3 hours).

  • Delivery

    Interactive presentations, activities and discussions.

  • For

    Teachers, support, administration, and caretakers at primary or secondary.

  • Aim

    To educate staff on why and how to build resilience in themselves so they can thrive in their lives and enable their students to do the same.

  • Price

    £950 +travel.

  • Outcomes

    Staff understand the concept of resilience and why it is so important to teach ideas of resilience within a school.

    An introduction and practical exploration of the foundational resilient thinking skill (ABC), allowing staff to explore habits of thinking and gain tips on how to manage thoughts.

    Staff have an informed approach to promoting emotional resilience.

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Resilience skills are just as relevant to us as well as our pupils. Increasing the awareness of changing our beliefs to get different and more helpful outcomes is useful in so many ways.

Whole Staff Groups

Teacher, Tring Park School