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Resilience Booster Lessons


This provides a full suite of 22 resilience lessons for students as they move through their education journey. As young people develop and grow, so do the challenges and opportunities they face. So the lessons advance with them to accommodate their changing needs and to build skills relevant to their environments. The suite builds on the core resilience skills taught in Teach Resilience or Master Teaching Resilience, enhancing the long term resilience and personal development of students, improving their self awareness and confidence and empathy and compassion for others.

You will access a virtual CPD prior to teaching Resilient Relationships as a platform refresher with a focus on how to teach Big Sticky Beliefs.

6 lessons – Resilience Revisited & Communication (designed for age 12 -13)

7 lessons – Resilient Relationships (designed for age 13 – 14)

4 lessons – Resilient Decisions (designed for age 14 -15)

5 lessons – Resilient Learners (designed for age 15 – 16)


  • Duration

    Virtual CPD

  • Delivery

    Electronic teaching and learning materials

  • For

    Staff who have completed Master Teaching Resilience or the online version Teach Resilience

  • Aim

    To deepen the core understanding of resilience and practise teaching of the advanced ideas to more mature and developed students

  • Price

    £400 if purchased within 1 year of completing Master Teaching Resilience or the on-line version Teach Resilience. The CPD is provided virtually.

  • Outcomes

    • Certified resilience teachers receive detailed lesson plans and materials for 4 years of teaching and learning.
    • Teachers understand the changing factors effecting pupils’ development and how to teach the more advanced resilience skills to enhance students’ ability to express themselves and show compassion to others.
    • Students grasp more complex resilience skills which are only taught at this stage as their core beliefs and values are now developing.
    • Schools provide good quality teaching and learning that meets statutory Health Education and Ofsted’s Personal Development.

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