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Choose to do something amazing today to influence the most important agenda of the 21st century. 

Your support will help 

  • Shift the narrative from a ‘mental health crisis’ to one of empowerment and mental fitness.
  • Champion emotional strength and mental agility as key attributes needed for success in the future.
  • Enable the adults of tomorrow to be successful in a way that is in humanity’s best interest.

Why this? Because ….

  • it’s grounded in evidence – so you can be confident your support is worth while
  • It’s delivering lessons in schools that you would say “I wish I was taught that at school’
  • we can’t wait for policy makers – we have to drive the changes – you know are needed, now more than ever!



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  • that every £1 you give transforms young people’s lives
  • £5 a month and you would provide professional training for a teacher
  • £10 a month and you would provide teaching resources to a school that can be used year on year
  • £15 a month and you would mean 150 children are taught resilience year on year

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Who is this little girl and why is she on this page? 


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    This little girl is our Founder Lucy Bailey

    Recently Lucy joined the brilliant #campaign Inspiring Girls International called this little girl is me launched by #MiriamGonzalezDurantez

    Here is her story that helps explain why she is so passionate about teaching resilience in schools …

    This little girl grew up in an era where children were ‘seen & not heard’. In a family where females had their place. She was loved & cared for, but her social & emotional development wasn’t nurtured.

    Her school life started well, but her sense of purpose was never explored. Her lack of social & emotional skills meant she was blunt. Her mum worked full time & her dad worked abroad. She didn’t develop as a person. She withdrew inside a hard, tough exterior. She left school at 16 (well 15 really as she bunked most of the final year) with just 1 O level.

    At 16 she started a Youth Training Scheme as a trainee hairdresser. She left home soon after (longer story) & moved into a bedsit. She earned £25 a week with rent at £16 – her life began to spiral.

    Life was really tough (longer story) & she needed a way out. She travelled to Israel & volunteered on a Kibbutz. She sat on her two small bags at Tel Aviv airport with no idea where she was going. Long story, short it gave her so much experience & her sense of self started to develop.

    Back in the UK, this girl had no qualifications & little self confidence, but she was brave & ballsy. She had many jobs, bar tender, warehouse, telecommunications, customer service. She worked hard, got promoted & when she fell pregnant with her first son, she was a Customer Services Manager, leading teams across satelite offices across the UK.

    Being a mum is where she flourished. She finally had a sense of purpose in her life. As her children got older she realised her lack of education was going to be a problem. She began an The Open University degree, but in her first year, while her children were 7 & 5, aged 34, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a scary time (longer story), she thought her children would grow up without their mum.

    She could have given up but she didn’t. She continued her degree, had treatment, a mastectomy, and threw herself into her education. It was her lifeline (as were her husband, her boys & her family) – she survived.

    Some 5 years later she sat in a conference where she heard a headteacher say “we do two things here, we teach responsibility & we teach our students to ‘fail’ well.”

    She remembers thinking, if only I had been taught that failure was a learning opportunity!

    Today at 53, she is passionate about the work of Bounce Forward – supporting schools to teach emotional resilience & parents to raise resilient children. It’s the most important education of all. She is doing her bit to refocus education so it prepares young people for life in the 21st century.

    If this story inspires you, please support us by giving an amount of your choice because we need to reach as many schools as possible.

    Thank YOU


Why We Need You

Resilience is needed now, perhaps more than ever!

You are helping a credible, national charity with a proven track record in delivering evidence based impact.

You will be joining the drive to invest in prevention – more valuable than a cure



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