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Introduction to Personal Resilience in Sedgemoor

Personal resilience is more important than ever! e Live Lesson

Bounce Forward is a national charity that specialises in practical resilience for schools. We are working with Gravity to build social value to create a healthy, connected and inclusive community as part of the Bridgwater development.  

‘In 2060, Bridgwater will be an energy conscious town known for its ambitious approach to sustainability and low carbon living. Bridgwater will be seen as a place that has been re-energised into a confident town…’.Bridgwater Vision (2009)

Resilience underpins confidence, our ability to overcome setbacks and to make the most of opportunities. At Bounce Forward, we believe that teaching resilience should be a core feature of education and from September 2021 all schools are required to teach Health Education which  includes emotional resilience .

We challenge the narrative about resilience and have more than 13 years experience working with schools to build resilience into the curriculum and across the school environment. Research is at the heart of our work.  All evidence shows that using and modelling the skills of resilience is the most powerful way of passing them on.  Therefore, adults really matter.

Join a 90 minute session to learn about the science of resilience, what it is and how to build in. An introduction to resilience in a way that is helpful personally and provides tips to use with children and young people.

Fully funded by This is Gravity

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Monday 28th June 2021 – 3 – 4.30pm

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What teachers say 

“Practical, evidence based and so needed in education.”

97% rate the usefulness of Bounce Forward’s approach 10/10

“You are a wealth of knowledge. I am inspired by your passionate and the practical way you talk about the skills of resilience.”

“Every school should be interested in this!”