Teach Mental Resilience

Essential teaching and learning to build positive mental resilience in KS2

Use evidence-based, high quality, developmental resources t0 teach essential understanding about the brain that builds skills and self-awareness. Resilience is a set of tools that form the basis for effective communication, empathy and optimism to navigating through life.

Teach Mental Resilience includes easy accessible training that guides teachers through the science of psychological fitness and fully equips them to teach the ‘ready to use’ modules in the classroom.

By implementing Teach Mental Resilience you will

  • Catch children early as they learn to navigate the world around them.
  • Explicitly teach children about their brain and know how to look after themselves and each other
  • Be ahead of the curve by taking a preventative approach to mental health
  • Meet statutory health education requirements (although not your primary reason)

Psychological Fitness

Psychological fitness combines mental resilience and emotional wellbeing, key attributes needed for success in the 21st century.

What schools say

What pupils say

“I didn’t realise that other people think the same as I do.”

“WoBbLe has really helped me not worry so much.”

“I really like the story and the characters and seeing how they deal with things.”

“I need these skills because they will help me calm down when I am upset.”

Teach Mental Resilience Modules

Click each module to reveal the learning outcomes:

  • Understand that life is a journey with challenges (big and small) and it is our resilience that helps us overcome these
  • Explore emotions
  • Discover that emotions can be helpful and unhelpful, and we can learn to regulate them
  • Know we ALL have resilience
  • Understand the brain and the role of emotions
  • Consider the importance of being calm to help with resilient responses
  • Discover the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Understand that resilience skills can help us understand why we react the way we do
  • Identify common Gremlin Beliefs of resilience
  • Recognise that the Gremlin Beliefs are not in control
  • Understand there is a difference between optimistic and pessimistic thinking
  • Know the importance of respect for different perspectives
  • Discover how to use evidence to create more flexible and accurate thinking
  • Understand the importance of gratitude
  • Know how to use the WoBbLe skill – to tame the Catastrophising Gremlin Belief
  • Discover how to calm down when emotions are strong
  • Understand all the resilience skills covered in the lessons
  • Create an individual resilience plan
  • Consider how resilience skills can help one express themselves and understand others

What is included?

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Frequently Asked questions

Teaching and learning materials and resources for six evidenced based modules.

A full CPD programme that is structured as a mix of content, pre-recorded sessions, ongoing mentoring and support.

Everything is accessed through a school login in the members area of our website. 

The pre recorded CPD takes teachers through the background and science of mental resilience and emotional wellbeing, starting at an adult level. Why, because we know this has an impact on learning outcomes in the classroom and also the skills are pretty useful for all of us!

It costs just £160 for a membership that delivers unlimited access and multiple logins. 

Primary schools. The teaching modules are designed for upper primary students aged 9-11.

Teach Mental Resilience is based on the same concepts and theories as the world renowned Penn Resilience Programme. 

We worked with the London School of Economics, the Young Foundation and 21 schools from Manchester, South Tyneside and Hertfordshire to test the PRP in UK schools with effective results. 

Beyond this research Bounce Forward (known then as How to Thrive) were the only European organisation to deliver the PRP training. Working with the University of Pennsylvania from 2007 - 2019, we trained 1000's of teachers.

In 2019 we transformed our approach, applied all our knowledge and experience, and using the evidence to design and develop Teach Mental Resilience. 

Yes. We offer regular 'live' webinars, resources to support key events across the year, and support to teachers over the phone, or by email. 

If you have a question just call 0330 133 0776

We are so pleased you asked this question! 

We listen hard to teachers and children about what they need to help them embed the skills of resilience in their real lives. 

We have a range of teaching tools and resources for primary schools including: 

Resilient Transitions - find out more here. 

Media Navigator - find out more here

We also have courses that support parents. Check them out in the Courses section, using the navigation menu above. 


The Role of Positive Emotions

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