Nurture Your Resilience

Teacher training is full of ups and downs, good and bad.
There will be some amazing moments to savor as well as moments where you will need mental resilience.

Bounce Forward’s proven approach explores mental resilience and emotional wellbeing through the lens of positive psychology.

The sessions form part of the teacher training providers suite of support. It includes five sessions split out across the training year, with both practical and personal objectives.

Trainees are taught to manage their workload and maintain their mental health. The Bounce Forward programme helps trainees to understand their emotions, strengths and weaknesses, meaning they recognise snags and get support early.


2022 OFSTED Report for KMT Teacher Training

Course content

A series of five 90-minute online sessions

What is psychological fitness and why does it matter. 

The role of positive emotions, and looking after yourself in the context of teacher training. 

Being resilient doesn't mean being happy all of the time. It is about being able to function well in our daily lives. The way we interpret situations has a significant impact on the way we respond to challenges and setbacks.

Whilst we are learning new things we are often outside of our comfort zone, experiencing the short term pain and losing sight of the longer term gain. Flexible and realistic thinking helps us to gain more control and develop our mental muscle so we do the 'right' thing at the right time so we can achieve the best possible outcome.

During this break we will provide friendly prompts about the skills.

We are social beings and our relationships in all areas of our lives matter. So does our ability to build and maintain constructive relationships. The language we use to express ourselves and show empathy for others is vital. Focusing on compassion and kindness can feel like a weak approach, but it is a proven way to not only build new connections, but also strengthen existing relationships. 

Identifying our unique strengths and how best to use them improves wellbeing, performance and our relationships. We will explore how to nurture and develop a growth mindset as part of the teacher training journey and beyond. 

What do trainee teachers say?

“It is wonderful to have the recordings as it will be lovely to be able to access these again, thank you!.”

“Time to just ‘be’. How wonderful knowing that is actually a thing!”

“From the get go this encouraged personal reflection which made a positive change as most of my teacher training has been about professional studies.”

“Thank you so much. It felt so nice to have time and space that isn’t so pressured.”

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The Role of Positive Emotions

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