Resilient Futures

teaching The Skills Young Adults Need to Thrive

More and more we understand the importance of enabling young adults to be the change they want to see in the world.


None of us know what is around the corner so equipping the next generation with skills and strategies so they deal well with setbacks, fail well, and know how to thrive has never been more important. 

  • Training for sixth form, college or university educators 
  • Delivered online or in-person
  • Three, 90-minute blocks of learning for KS5

What is Resilient Futures?

Resilient Futures is for young adults aged 16+ who may be in a sixth form, a college, a university, or an informal education space.

The training is closed for a group of up to 30 staff members from your setting. This can be delivered face-to-face as a one-off 4.5 hour session, or as three 1.5 hour online sessions.

The aim of the CPD is to walk through the materials and build a deep understanding of the theory and concepts that underpin the teaching materials. The teaching materials are designed as a series of three, 90-minute blocks of learning. The materials are adaptable to meet the specific needs of your group. 

Teaching content

The teaching resources cover the science of resilience, why having mental resilience is important and most importantly how to build it in a way that is practical and useful in the real world. 

The resources provided will guide young adults through essential learning to understand how to get through challenging times, recognise that failure is part of success and learn how to look after themselves. In doing so they also learn to care for others. 

Module 1: Personal Resilience and Positive Mental Health

This module sets the tone and explores what we mean by resilience and why it is important. Positive mental health isn’t about being happy all of the time. It is the tangible steps we can take to look after ourselves that become good habits that enable us to function well in our daily lives. The importance of negative and positive emotions and how emotions are connected to looking after ourselves.

Module 2: Optimism, Hope and Navigating Uncertainty

This module explores the link between what we think, how we feel, and how we behave. Flexible and realistic thinking lies at the heart of resilience, it enables us to do the ‘right’ thing at the right time, so we achieve the best possible outcome. Learning to think optimistically and remaining wedded to reality is the key to the agency we believe we have and the difference we make.

Module 3: Communication, Mindsets and Personal Strengths

Effective communication is essential for human connections and for change. Not being able to express oneself in a calm, clear and confident way can mean we become disconnected, give up and feel we cannot make a difference.

This module explores human bias and how it exists in all of us. How we can make change happen through a growth mindset, through kindness and compassionate communication.

Finally this session helps young adults identify their strengths and how to use them to best effect.

Read on to find out more about the teaching materials and use the FAQs.

Resilient Futures

£ 3,240
  • Up to 30 staff members
  • Evidence-based CPD, teaching and learning materials
  • Certificates issued on completion of training

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Resilient Futures Enquiry

Frequently Asked questions

This training is for those who work with young adults – aged 16+

Whether you are in a 6th form, college, university or other education setting this training is for you.

You do not require any previous training to attend this course.

The cost is £3,240 which includes CPD for up to 30 staff members plus all teaching and learning resources.

The training can be delivered face-to-face across 4.5 hours. We advise to block out a whole day to include comfort breaks.

The training can also be delivered online across three 90-minute online sessions.

The CPD focuses on both the content of the Resilient Futures and also the theory that underpins Bounce Forward approach to building mental resilience and emotional wellbeing.

The CPD is interactive whether it is delivered face to face or online, and requires full participation.
The aim is to provide a space for staff to consider the content they will be teaching for themselves first. This model has been proven to see improved learning outcomes and ensure authentic teaching and learning.

Yes, each person who completes the training will receive a certificate acknowledging the development hours.


The Role of Positive Emotions

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