Resilient Futures

Teaching the skills young adults need to thrive

More and more we understand the importance of enabling Young Adults to be the change they want to see in the world.

None of us know what is around the corner so equipping the next generation of adults with skills and strategies so they deal well with setbacks & know how to fail well and thrive, has never been more important.

Training for education or workplace settings 

Delivered online or in-person

Four sessions plus self-taught content and activities for young adults

What is Resilient Futures?

Resilient Futures is for young adults aged 16-25 who may be in a sixth form, college, university, informal education space, or workplace.

Our train the trainer model will build capacity within the setting. We do this by working alongside educators to equip them with the skills knowledge and resources as part of a tailored support package. 

We can deliver the training face-to-face, on-line or a hybrid of both. The aim of the CPD is to walk through the materials and build a deep understanding of the theory and concepts that underpin the teaching materials. The teaching materials are designed as a series of four 90-minute blocks of learning. The materials are adaptable to meet the specific needs of your group. 

The Learning

The teaching resources are built from sound theory and concepts focusing on hope, optimism, self-efficacy and communication.

The programme will focus on the important role that our thoughts and beliefs play in three key areas:

  1. Creating a stronger sense of self to better manage the expectations (both real and imagined) of family, school or college, peers, and their lives.
  2. Making the most of current learning opportunities by focusing on beliefs about own abilities, the capacity to learn and how to handle the pressures of life.
  3. Ensuring that self-beliefs do not limit one’s ability to prepare for the future. Encouraging young adults to consider a future that enables them to play to their strengths and enabling them to present the best version of themselves when the opportunity arises.

Session 1: Hope and optimism 

This session explores what hope is and why it is important? It introduces hope theory that involves setting goals, imagining pathways, and agency in thinking. It is these components that differentiate hope from dreams. Hope is tangible.

This session focuses on the ‘goal setting’ component. To have a goal means to be able to imagine oneself in the future. 

Session 2: Human connection, self-awareness and compassion 

This module starts with the question: why does human connection matter for humanity?

It explores our relationship with technology to engage young adults in a debate about the benefits and challenges.

Focusing on the pathways we can create to reach our desired goals in life. Considering positive role models and thinking about what am I doing right now that directly links to reaching my desired future, and what might be getting in the way?


Session 3: Flexible and realistic thinking 

This session explores self-efficacy. What it means and how is it connected to agency in thinking. 

The link between what we think, how we feel, and how we behave. Sometimes, what we think can get in the way. Learning to reframe to flexible and realistic thinking lies at the heart of resilience (and self-efficacy), it enables us to do the ‘right’ thing at the right time, so we achieve the best possible outcome. Learning to think optimistically and remaining wedded to reality is central to the agency we believe we have and the difference we can make. 

Session 4: Communication and playing to strengths 

Effective communication is essential for human connections and for change. Not being able to express oneself in a calm, clear and confident way can mean we become disconnected, give up and feel we cannot make a difference. 

This session will explore different communication styles, explores how our beliefs can get in the way and hinder communication, and offers 2 models for effective communication. 

The programme concludes with a focus on personal strengths and how to understand and use them to best effect now and in the future. 

The resources provided offer a structure to guide groups through essential learning through an exploration of the challenges they currently face. Whilst the emphasis is on challenges it isn’t assumed that all challenges are negative – pressure can be a privilege, and this is a time when there are opportunities to be realised. 

Read on to find out more about the teaching materials and use the FAQs.

Resilient Futures

£ 1,500
  • On-line Train the trainer for up to 30 participants
  • Science-based practical teaching and learning materials
  • For an extra £750 we deliver this course in-person
  • Working with you to embed and upskill your teams
  • Certificates issued on completion of training

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Resilient Futures Enquiry

Frequently Asked questions

This training is for those who work with young adults – aged 16+

Whether you are working with young adults in an education setting or apprentices or graduates in a workplace this is for you.

You do not require any previous training. We work with you in a bespoke way to support and equip you with the necessary knowledge skills and resources. 

The cost for online delivery of training is £1,500 or face to face delivery is £2,250 +plus travel. 

This can be used to train up to 30 participants plus all teaching and learning resources.

We can also deliver Resilient Futures directly to a group of young adults. 

The training can be delivered face-to-face over a full day, or online, across four 90-minute online sessions.

The CPD is interactive whether it is delivered face to face or online, and requires full participation.
The aim is to provide a space for staff to consider the content they will be teaching for themselves first. This model has been proven to see improved learning outcomes and ensure authentic teaching and learning.

Yes, each person who completes the training will receive a certificate acknowledging the development hours.

Get in touch. We love working with settings to bring Resilient Futures to more young adults and are open to new delivery ideas. 


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