Personal Resilience

Creating a confidential 1:1 space to overcome challenges, set meaningful goals and unluck your potential

By using the science of psychological fitness, we will explore personal beliefs and values and how these shape our experience of life and behaviours. We’ll help you to reconnect with who you are, how to put a stop to specific cycles of unhelpful behaviour, restore authentic connections in your family, and with those around you.

The 50-minute 1:1 sessions support you to reset the journey you are on. Whether that’s stuck in a job you might not enjoy, a relationship that is going nowhere, or in a hole that is getting deeper. We’ll help see and connect a pathway to the future you hope for.

Psychological Fitness

Psychological fitness combines mental resilience and emotional wellbeing.

It's important to know

It’s important to know that Personal Resilience offers strengths-based support, and is forward looking. Whilst you will explore where you are and how you got there, the focus is to help think about what to do next. This is not clinical support, counselling, or therapy. Everyone we work with has made the decisions themselves and is always in full control of what they decide to do moving forward.

What do the sessions involve?

The way that you look after yourself, in a world that has changed like never before, has never been so important. But the grim reality is that most of us are too busy fire-fighting the ‘to-do’ list, and looking after everyone else that we forget to put the oxygen mask on for ourselves. This doesn’t need to be the case; we are offering you practical solutions that you will be able to try straight away. Solutions that are tried and tested by thousands of people and steeped in years of experience of what works in the real world. Things we will consider throughout the sessions –

The way we interpret situations has a significant impact on the way we respond. Setbacks and challenges can be a reason to give up, or an opportunity to consider what is going on, understand it from a different perspective, so you can decide what to do next. In life, having the ability to know when to trust in your instinct and when to slow things down and reflect is vital for true growth. Resilient thinking is based on sound theories and concepts drawn from positive psychology that will transform how you realise your true potential and inspire those around you.

What gives you energy and motivates you is driven by your personal values and the goals you set yourself. These are driven both internally, by what matters to you, and externally from the demands around you, your responsibilities, your family, and your work. We will help you explore different types of energy and understand how different situations create or drain energy. This means you will be better equipped to harness energy and avoid burnout.

What inspires and drives you, changes over time. The emotional significance, how much you care about what you do and the importance you place on something, is why you do what you do. Sometimes this needs a reset. I will help you discover a deep insight into self-awareness, that involves collecting your emotional data. When you have strong feelings, they tell you about something that matters to you; the opportunity you are seeking or what you are protecting. These matter for creating life goals and taking meaningful steps forward.

Being authentically you, is driven by knowing who you are, what you are good at and what you value. It is with this knowledge that you really can be the best version of yourself. We will help you shine a light on what is getting in the way for you, and for those around you to offer a different perspective on how to work through your current challenges. You will confidently play to your strengths more often, and support those around you to do the same.

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Frequently Asked questions

Most people find 4 – 6 sessions useful, but we recommend starting with 3 sessions, and then you can decide on the number that would be helpful. To get started you can have a 15-min introduction meeting to discuss what you hope to achieve.

The cost is £45 per session. 

Alongside your sessions we will provide things to try at home in-between.

Sessions are run online using a private Zoom room. We will send you the zoom link upon confirmation of your sessions.


The Role of Positive Emotions

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