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Whole staff introduction to psychological fitness, what it is and why it matters

We are more than professionals, colleagues, or workers, we are people and people matter

Bounce Forward’s approach is always to start with the personal – it’s not just what we say and teach that matters, it’s the behaviour we model too. The aim is to think about psychological fitness as a backdrop for passing on the skills of mental resilience and emotional wellbeing to those around us.

Schools and organisations use this session as a building block for personal development and to inspire and transform how think about mental health and how to nurture and build psychological fitness. 


Excellent, engaging and thought-provoking. I loved it all. Especially the part where we looked at the areas of positive and negative energy and the importance of staying between the two areas. Very interesting and very useful session.

Very helpful session. It’s given me a lot of opportunity to think about how I approach my work and work environment, and consider my own personal resilience. It’s helped us to think about how we support recovery as a school! Thank you!

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The Role of Positive Emotions

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