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Join us in our mission to change the lives of 255,000 hidden children by building their psychological fitness.


Help us inspire and transform a generation’s thinking about mental health and how to nurture and build psychological fitness. 

The problem

There has never been a more important time to support young people to build mental resilience and emotional wellbeing so they thrive in education and beyond. Make a change to reduce these statistics:

£100 billion 

Over £100 billion is spent each year on mental health problems. That’s 5% UK GPD. (Mental Health Foundation & London School of Economics 2022)

Low Wellbeing

10% of children aged 10 to 17 have low wellbeing. (Children’s Society Household Survey 2023)

Strong Correlation 

50% of adult mental ill-health start by age 14. (National Comorbidity Survey Replication)

The problem

For too long resources have focused in the wrong place when it comes to mental health. It’s time to change and focus upstream to prevent these statistics:


Over £300 billion is spent each year on mental health problems. (Mental Health Foundation 2024)

Low Wellbeing

1 in 6 children have a mental health problem and 1 in 9 are unhappy with their school. (The Good Childhood report)

Strong Correlation 

50% of adult mental ill-health start by age 14. (National Comorbidity Survey Replication)

Our Vision

A nation where positive mental health help citizens to live mentally and emotionally well so they thrive in life.

Psychological Fitness:

Needed For Success In The 21st Century

The skills needed to help:

Talk to the Experts

15 years experience

Bounce Forward has spent years building its national and international reach. In 2023 we launched a partnership with the Harry Kane Foundation to extend the organisations who support us, and partners who evidence our approach.

1 million

Bounce Forward has reached over a million adults, children and young people, with many more in reach.

Leading the way

Bounce Forward has spearheaded cutting-edge research which has been referenced by HM Treasury, Department for Education and Public Health England.

208 Bounce Forward member schools

Healthy Minds

Executive Headteacher

"We know that our mind enables thoughts, memory, movement, and emotions by complex functions. Developing and maintaining healthy minds throughout our learning journey is critical in meeting the increasing challenges educators and learners face. It is vital that we understand why it is important to become more resilient as we live well together. We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Bounce Forward with support from the Harry Kane Foundation to realise this essential goal."

Raise Resilience 

99% highly rated

This course is useful personally. It will be useful for my children. It will help improve things at home. I would recommend it to others.

"It has been so useful, thinking about why we all feel and react the way we do, really informative, well delivered, easy to understand, opened my mind and will be very useful for family life and work."

Ofsted Report

Kent and Medway Training

Kent and Medway Training "Trainees are taught to manage their workload and maintain their mental health. The ‘Bounce Forward’ programme helps trainees to understand their emotions, strengths and weaknesses, meaning they can recognise snags and get support at an early stage."

"There is no conflict between wellbeing and academic success. Happy children learn better. Healthy Minds should be taught in every school in the world"

Our Approach

Train school teachers to deliver evidenced-based curricular

Equip parents to raise psychologically fit children

Partner with organisations to inspire and transform how we think about mental health and nurture pyschological fitness

What we Do

We are challenging the narrative about mental health and placing prevention at the centre of positive change. Our work begins in schools, and with the adults around children and young people so they can navigate through our complex world with confidence.

Our work simultaneously prevents mental illness and promotes thriving. 

We base our approach and training on solid research, theory and evidence.

We teach practical skills and strategies that work in the real world.

Adults matter: their role is vital in helping children and young people be resilient.

Ready to pivot and scale

We have everything in place to deliver at scale. Our work starts in schools, but ripples out across wider society. 

We want our lessons in every school. 

Within 1 Years
1 Pupils could be reached

Unbelievable Numbers!

£ 1
The cost per child to teach Healthy Minds
£ 1
Returned from every £1 invested
£ 1
The long-term life savings are incalculable
"If we wish to predict which children will lead satisfying adult lives, the best indicator is their emotional health at age 16. This is more important than their academic qualifications right up to the age of 25 and more important than their behaviour in childhood."

Our Bold Ambition

To effect change in behaviour by embedding our approach in schools, at home and across wider society. Help us to:

Shift the narrative from ‘mental health crisis’ to empowerment and psychological fitness

Change the life course for 255,000 hidden children suffering in silence 

Transform a generation’s thinking toward positive mental health and drive change in the best interest of humanity.

The impact of your donation

The chance to influence the most important agenda of the 21st century and help young people thrive in school and flourish in life beyond school.

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£5,000 will  

Impact at scale

£50,000 will

"We need your help to build on our success so far, to make a difference that really matters to the world"

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