Resilient Transitions

Teaching skills and building confidence in children

Helping children to explore their concerns and worries about transition and build their knowledge, skills and mental resilience

Change is a normal part of life and can provide opportunities for children and young people to develop their resilience. The words we use and the behaviour we model, as adults, makes a difference to how effectively children deal with change.

Resilient Transitions is built on our unique approach to develop psychological fitness (mental resilience and emotional wellbeing), using a series of activities that can feed into your broader package of support around transitions.

Building positive Neural Pathways

It is essential that children use their lived experience as an opportunity to recognise and build their resilience in a way that will help them learn and grow as they face changes in their lives. We deliver resources and training to support schools to create safe and supportive learning opportunities to develop the skills needed to navigate the changes that are rapidly evolving in the 21st century.

Resilient Transitions is built on our unique approach

Resilient Transitions

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  • Understand the benefits of preparing for change  
  • Explore emotions linked to uncertainty 
  • Practise being calm and focused 
  • Create a safe space   
  • Understand the link between thoughts and feelings 
  • Explore negative thoughts about moving to secondary school
  • Identify gremlin beliefs 
  • Practise being focused
  • Understand that the way we think effects the choices we make
  • Explore pessimistic and optimistic thinking
  • Practise reframing Gremlin Beliefs
  • Practise being calm
  • Understand the importance of gratitude
  • Explore the WoBbLe skills and when to use it
  • How to calm down strong emotions
  • Using the Five Ways to Wellbeing
  • Understand what being resilient means for transition
  • Expressing ‘me at my best’
  • Explore what a positive transition looks like for me
  • Create ‘My Plan’ for transition

Resilient Transitions

£ 80.00 Subsidised by our charity supporters
  • Five ready to use sessions
  • Downloadable teaching and learning resources
  • Amazing value and ongoing support
  • Live CPD sessions throughout the year to enhance the learning

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Frequently Asked questions

Resilient Transitions is a series of 5 sessions, built on Bounce Forward's unique approach. A series of activities that can feeb into your broader transition plans. 

Primary and secondary schools working on a smooth transition.

The teaching resources are designed for upper primary students aged 9-11.

Yes. Bounce Forward is always at the end of the phone or by email to support you. 

If you have a question just call 0330 133 0776

Bounce Forward will deliver live CPD sessions throughout the year via zoom. Once you have confirmed your access we'll be in touch with upcoming training dates.

Parents are often key for children to have a smooth transition. Resilient Transition includes specific opportunities that draw parents into the learning and encourage taking what they learn during the school day back home to practise and master.

We also have a perfectly aligned programme for parents. Find out more here.

The goal is to help pupils -

  • Build skills and knowledge of calm or focused strategies
  • Explore the ‘good’ side of moving on
  • Explore the friendship of Tia and Tomos and how they support each other
  • Recognise the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Learn how to check their beliefs for gremlins
  • Practise reframing unhelpful negative thoughts about change and transition
  • Explore the difference between optimism and pessimism
  • Practise expressing gratitude
  • Learn how to tame catastrophic thoughts about uncertainty and change
  • Explore the Five Ways to Wellbeing as a tool to feel good and function well during transition
  • Share their best qualities and considering them in the context of change
  • Develop resilience to cope well with transition and in life in the future

The Role of Positive Emotions

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