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Building Resilience with Military Families

Helping Parents and Children Living in Military Communities To Thrive Live Lesson

We are more than military spouses, parents, children we are human beings and who we are matters. Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness and advances in neuroscience mean we understand so much more about how to look after ourselves psychologically.

There are many benefits of military life; seeing more of the world, meeting new people, being part of something that makes a real difference in the world. Along with the benefits, as in all aspects of life, there are downsides, feeling isolated from your extended family and friends, regular moves, lack of independence. Having the time and space to remember who you are within the world, that sense of self is key.

Building Resilience with Military Families has been designed to support armed forces families to develop the skills, knowledge and strategies drawn from the science of resilience. The programme for parents starts with personal resilience, how to look after yourself, building self-awareness about what might be getting in the way, and helping parents notice what is going well and identifying strengths.

The programme also provides resources that can be used at home and in the community to enable children to learn the ideas in a practical, fun way. You teach your children how to cross the road, how to tie their shoelaces, this course will help you teach them to learn how to deal with uncertainty and develop emotional resilience.

You want to support your children grow and develop with the resilience they need to not only face the setbacks that inevitably will come (and not just pandemics), but also be able to thrive in life. Raise Resilience will help you do just that.

Fully funded by The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

All sessions are for one hour from 20:00-21:00 UK Time.

Please select the dates that work best for you. We want you to join us live, but if for any reasons you are unable to attend live you can watch the missed session on-demand. Find out more below.

Thursday’s, starting 2nd June – Click here to register your place!

More Information

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  • What is it?

    Six, 1 hour sessions for parents to learn about the science behind emotional resilience. The programme builds session on session to walk you through how to build you own resilience and help you raise resilient children.

    The programme is facilitated as a virtual, on-line course.

    The programme provides parents with practical information to use personally and learning materials that can be used at home to help children develop the mental muscle, gain perspective and thrive through difficult times.

  • Who is it for?

    Building Resilience with Military Families is for parents who are living in a military community in the UK, Europe and ROW Military Communities.

    Parents who attend will want to learn resilience skills that are helpful personally.

    The downloadable resources are designed for children aged nine and above.

    We often get asked whether the materials are suitable for younger children and those with SEN. Whilst we have not specifically designed the materials for younger children or those with SEN they can be easily adapted and used in different ways.

    The intention is to give parents who live within military communities the space to think about their own resilience and provide the materials which can help at home. This may be through the way they have conversations with their children as well as more (in)formal learning spaces within the home environment.

  • Are the sessions suitable for children?

    The sessions are intended for parents on their own. You can help your children develop resilience using the information gained and through the downloadable resources that we will send to you.

  • Will I be visible during the virtual sessions? 

    No, you will only be able to see and hear the Bounce Forward trainer. Participants interact using the chat function.

  • Do I need to attend live? 

    We would encourage you to attend all six sessions live. It’s where you can engage and ask questions and also interact with other parents through the chat function.

    We also provide a recording of each session that you can watch on-demand. The recordings are sent out after session along with the resources for children.

  • Who has been funded by? 

    Bounce Forward has received funding from The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to reach up to 900 parents.

    Places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

    We will also create 28 Resilience Champions.

  • What is a Resilience Champion? 

    A Bounce Forward Armed Forces Resilience Champion is someone who has completed the initial 6 session Building Resilience with Military Families programme.

    They will then embark on further training with Bounce Forward to prepare them for a role within their military community.

    The role may include:

    • leading Building Resilience with Military Families sessions with local parents
    • Supporting parents within their community to raise resilient children using the ideas and resources provided by Bounce Forward

    Key attributes required to become a Bounce Forward Armed Forces Resilience Champion include:

    • Passion for improving outcomes in relation to building emotional resilience and well-being within armed forces communities.
    • Willing to consider, reflect on and learn skills to develop emotional resilience by exploring your own responses to everyday setbacks and opportunities.
    • Committed to working with Bounce Forward to become a Certified Resilience Champion as set out in the criteria below.
    • Willing and able to dedicate time to both training with Bounce Forward and then working within the local armed forces community to reach families.
    • Willing and open to feedback.
    • Authentic and honest to maintain an open dialogue as the project progresses.
    • Ability to approach this work with agility and flexibility to meet the needs of the community and work within the framework of Bounce Forward’s training, resources and support.

    If you are interested in becoming a Bounce Forward Armed Forces Resilience Champion please contact us by email at [email protected]


Click here to contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you there!

Terms and conditions

Course Overview 

Session 1: Introduction to resilient parenting

What is resilience. The ages and stages for developing resilience in our children. The role of emotions and strategies for harnessing emotions.

Session 2: Optimism during uncertainty

This session explores the link between what we think, how we feel, and how we behave. Flexible and realistic thinking lies at the heart of resilience, it enables us to do the ‘right’ thing at the right time, so we achieve the best possible outcome. Optimism wedded to reality.

Session 3: Developing the mental muscle

Helping our children gain more control over how they feel and behave. Reframing unhelpful choices, and developing empathy for self and others, so we can navigate uncertainty and learn to fail well.

Session 4: Compassionate communication

Effective communication is essential as our children move into adolescence. We can find ourselves in cycles of nagging and bickering and focusing on the ‘big’ conversations, and with it, we become disconnected. Resilience and compassion are the keys to staying connected.

Session 5: Mindsets and Energy

Nurturing and developing a growth mindset in our children. Understanding the psychological link between energy, emotions and behaviour.

Session 6: Parenting to strengths

Identifying the unique strengths of our children and us – and how to use them to best effect.


You will also be given downloadable handouts and worksheets to practice resilience skills with your children.

We have delivered a similar version of this programme to 5,000 parents and their children since April 2020

What parents say 

“It has been so useful, thinking about why we all feel and react the way we do, really informative, well delivered, easy to understand, opened my mind and will be very useful for family life and work.”

100% of parents rate the usefulness of this course 

“I have just completed the course and must say a huge ‘thankyou’ for a wonderful and enlightening experience. I have 2 teenage sons, one with autism, and we’ve discussed over dinner the weekly subjects and have really begun to evaluate ourselves and our relationships, not just within our immediate family but in the wider community.”

“It will be hugely beneficial as we navigate our way through the winter restrictions and beyond.”

“The exercises helped with the kids recognising their emotions and diving deeper to understand their causes.”

“It is great to have things that I could easily use now that show quick results. Helps to give me a sense of control as this is something I can do for my kids. You don’t need any special knowledge, skills, ability or equipment. The facilitator was friendly, bubbly, responsive to chat & honest that she isn’t perfect. This really helped to make the course easy to understand & fun to be on.”