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31st May 2016

BBC Radio 4: The Science of Resilience

Journalist Sian Williams explores the science of resilience and visits Icknield Community College to observe one of the Bounce Forward resilience lessons and talk to staff and students.

Listen here to The Science of Resilience

Bounce Forward CEO, Lucy Bailey was delighted to discuss how resilience lessons are appropriate in the full range of education contexts and share how its making a difference in schools across the UK.

Claire Foster invited Sian into one of her lessons that teaches the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Sian told us she was “impressed by the maturity of the students” as she observed them learning the resilience skills as part of the structured lesson expertly, facilitated by Claire a certified resilience teacher. After the lesson students talked to Sian about how the skills they are learning in school are enjoyable and useful both now and for the future. Mat Hunter, Head at Icknield Community College shares his perspective of the positive impact of teaching resilience, in this specific way, in terms of whole school improvement.

Sian starts the programme by talking to Dr Michael Pluess from Queen Mary University of London who is testing for the resilience gene, and Professor Toni Bifulco who, along with her colleague Dr David Westley at Middlesex University, has developed an online test for those at risk of resilience failure. Sian also talks to Board Forward Advisory Board members; Professor Martin Seligman, and Professor Lord Richard Layard who shares his expert view about the economic benefits of building resilience into society.

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