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2nd January 2020

Bound Forward Think Equal Programme

Bounce Forward and Think Equal have combined forces to create a new partnership to de­­­­liver high quality lessons in social and emotional learning for children aged 3 to 6. 

In the early years, a child’s personality and moral framework are at a crucial stage of development. They start to form social norms, learn about relationships beyond the home and develop communication skills. It’s the ideal time to support their emotional and social awareness and build their intelligence in these spheres.  That is why we are delighted to be embarking on this partnership to bring the Bounce Forward Think Equal Programme to children as soon as they start in school. The combined programme brings together professional teacher training with the delivery of the Think Equal Curriculum. 

Together we are on a mission to achieve a global system change in Early Childhood Education. We will combine exceptional training of teachers to provide Social Emotional Learning, as a core purpose of early education.  We envision a safe, free and equal world built around values of empathy, equality, and inclusion.“ said Leslee Udwin, Founder of Think Equal. “In these times of Covid-19, when we have an additional critical duty of care for our youngest children, this programme dramatically and transformatively equips our children to cope with the mental health and emotional challenges wrought by the pandemic”.

All children need a courageous outlook to meet the inevitable challenges they will face in the future and to keep going despite disappointment or frustration. We need to help our children develop resilience. KS1 is such a critical time in children’s development and I am delighted that we now have a programme that address early years and KS1 needs through the professional development of teachers to ensure the quality and tone is set right.“ said Lucy Bailey, CEO of Bounce Forward.The joint training will be available to teachers across the United Kingdom. For more info or to register to participate please contact us.

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