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30th November 2018

Celebrating 10 years with a new name ‘Bounce Forward’

On Thursday evening, Lord Richard Layard hosted a reception at the House of Commons to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and we marked the occasion by launching our new name ‘Bounce Forward’ – the new identity of our charity formerly known as How to Thrive.

It was an absolute privilege to have him there as without Lord Layard pioneering the Local Wellbeing Project back in 2006, we would not be here today. That project is where our work began, as one strand was interested in building emotional resilience in 11 – 13-year-olds and brought to the UK the Penn Resilience Programme. Since then, Bounce Forward has worked with 720 schools, trained 10,000 teachers and reached over ½ million young people. When I think about our journey and where it has led myself and the team, it amazes me, and I am excited to see how the work gets shaped going forward. Seeing my baby move from adolescence to adulthood!

We were fortunate to begin life incubated within Hertfordshire County Council (HCC), where we were supported and encouraged to grow and thrive. Initially, the work was focused on the Local Wellbeing Project and especially the UK research on the Penn Resilience Programme. This is where our wonderful partnership with the London School of Economics (LSE) began and our passion for ensuring our work has a strong evidence base.

That remarkable first project, championed by Lord Layard, tracked 4,000 students for 3 years from schools in Hertfordshire, Manchester and South Tyneside. Who was to know that 10 years on we would be waiting for the results of one of the most ambitious and exceeding research projects – Healthy Minds – with research findings that were announced on the 30th November.

We made the brave decision to leave HCC in 2016, it was time. In the 10 years since we set up Bounce Forward, we have always been financially self-sufficient, so we knew we had a strong basis to make the transition. We become an independent charity, forming a new board of Trustees who could help drive forward and support our ambitious growth plans.  

Early on we had amazing support from The Social Investment Consultancy who led us to ‘Big Change’ and ‘The Elliott Simmons Charitable Trust’ who provided substantial grants and have been instrumental in enabling us to build capacity and position ourselves to reach many more schools on a much wider scale. We will always be thankful for the opportunity this have afforded us. 

Our progress would not have been possible without the relationships and partnerships with schools whose head teachers were prepared to invest in an area of education that, let’s face it, is not prioritised despite the ever-increasing evidence of the difference it can make.

Going back 10 years, schools really were taking a leap of faith in investing time and teachers to the work. Things are changing with Health Education being made compulsory in all state-funded schools from 2020 along with Relationships and Sex Education, but this area of education remains, for the time being, a difficult decision for schools to invest in. We hope we are there to help them work through the haze and find solutions that answer the questions and challenges they face and to ensure that we live in a nation where young people are resilient and thrive in life.

Our thanks go out to our colleagues in like-minded organisations, our collaboration with partners is essential to ensure we continue to learn and support schools, young people and develop the resilience of the adults of tomorrow.

To name just a few:

Healthy Minds created strong networks with The PSHE Association, The Sex Education Forum, The Alcohol Education Trust, Mentor UK and Mindfulness in Schools Project.

We now move forward, as a stronger team to bring our ambitious plans to fruition. We are excited to be working with Whole Education, CPDBee, University of Bedfordshire and AcadeMedia, and to developing the early potential with TeachFirst and Right to Succeed. Like any skill worth having resilience takes practice but the capacity lies in all of us. Once mastered, it enables you to be the best possible version of yourself and enables you to feel good and function well, improving emotional and mental health. Together, we are dedicated to helping foster the capacity for resilience in all our young people.

So, what next?

Our ambition is to change how good quality teaching and learning in the skills of resilience is viewed. Valued as essential enablers to young people succeeding in and beyond school. As the well-being and mental health of a nation come into greater focus for schools as they consider the curriculum entitlement of their students and as the government is setting out its plans to make Health Education compulsory, we will focus our attention on extending our reach.

I am undoubtedly excited and enthusiastic about the next chapter in our story and hope you continue to come along with us. Lucy Bailey, CEO Bounce Forward. 

At the event we asked those celebrating with us two questions:

  • What Advice Would You Give Us?

    • Keep the heart of you as you grow. The warmth of the whole has been one of the successes for me.
    • Ensure the team meets & comes together to get to know one another as new people join
    • Stay simple
    • Widen client groups to others – young offenders, care leavers (Our Pro Youth & Community)
    • Adult programmes for fosters carers and adopters  
    • A forum of updates for associates
    • Contact local councillors
    • Merge signs on the motorway.
  • What Can You Do To Help Us?

    • Colleague from TeachFirst – very happy to help support and promote and connect with the training teams. She said, “I work in selection and we assess resilience – I would be interested in partnership on a research project looking at the characteristics that translate to staying and performing well.
    • Promote the brand.
    • Organise regional launch days through Whole Education
    • Share my knowledge and experience of the programme. I believe it’s a great resource – teacher Michele Fox
    • Our network is your network
  • About The Author

    About Lucy Bailey – Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

    Lucy Bailey is Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Bounce Forward. She is proud of her beginnings as a youth worker and her 17 years of experience of working in, developing, reforming and managing children’s services. Over the last ten years Lucy has focused on education and has been instrumental in embedding resilience curricular in schools and services across the UK. Lucy directed the Healthy Minds research project, has an MSc in Practice Based Research, a BSc in Social Policy and Criminology, and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.

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