Bounce Forward & Harry Kane Foundation: on a mission to transform how we think about mental health

A new partnership promoting positive mental health across all generations.

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Harry Kane Foundation partners with Bounce Forward

On 10th October 2023, Harry Kane announced a partnership between his foundation and Bounce Forward.

Harry Kane Foundation

The foundation has a long-term goal of transforming a generation’s thinking about mental health. It’s purpose is to normalise conversations on mental health, tackle stigma, and promote positive habits that build mental resilience and emotional wellbeing. 

The partnership

The partnership will provide psychological fitness training and educational resources, designed to nurture and build mental resilience and emotional wellbeing and are proven to have positive impact. These resources will be available in schools, workplaces, and to a broader audience through Harry & Kate’s influence, platforms, and networks, with the goal of promoting positive mental health across all generations.

Kicking things off

To kick things off, 17 schools across all nine regions in England are benefitting from the Harry Kane Foundation’s support. The schools will be set up with the high quality Healthy Minds training and curriculum. Healthy Minds will feature bespoke content co-authored by Harry and Kate. 

Harry said:

“We are supporting Bounce Forward because they are experts in their field and have developed evidenced-based resources that align perfectly with our aim of promoting the benefits of positive self-belief and the connection between physical and mental health.

Kate and I have worked closely with Bounce Forward to strengthen their curriculum. Together we have designed lesson plans that support young people to explore how resilience can help them recover from setbacks, deal with challenges and make the most of opportunities.Harry Kane


New lessons embedded into Healthy minds

The new schools and the wider Bounce Forward member schools are already benefitting from important new lessons inspired by Harry. They will deliver learning on the role that exercise, nutrition and sleep has on mental health. See more here. 

Kate has long had an interest in mindful practice, and over the next year will be piloting brand new lessons called Intentional Stillness. These lessons will teach calm and focusing techniques as a way to nurture and build positive mental health. See more here. 

supporting parents & their children

As parents themselves, Harry and Kate recognise the many challenges and changes during childhood. Bounce Forward’s Raise Resilience programme has reached over 14,000 parents already and through the partnership we will look at ways to reach as many parents as possible. We want to give parents the knowledge, skills, and practical resources to build and nurture resilience. Find out more about Raise Resilience here

supporting employees through organisations

For organisations who want to join us in building a nation where positive mental health education and messaging helps people to live mentally and emotionally well. Find out how here.

Lucy Bailey, CEO & founder of Bounce Forward said:

“Harry’s commitment to influence how we think about mental health is perfect timing. When it comes to mental health, prevention is so much better than cure, and our psychological health is as important as physical health. Our ability to absorb our changing world is more complex than ever before. For adults it is difficult to navigate, for children it is even greater. We need to teach our children, as part of their core education, and there is no better way than with Healthy Minds. It’s impressive evidence base includes improving attendance which is a growing concern for schools, reducing fixed-term exclusions as well as improving health and wellbeing outcomes. Teaching our children about the brain, the role of positive emotions and the value of optimism and human connection is vital learning in the world we live. We need to help young people not only to deal well with the setbacks they will inevitably face throughout life, but also equip them to embrace opportunities around them.”

Together we will create long term impact and enable every primary and secondary school in the country to access training and curriculum entirely free of charge.

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