Raise Resilience

As part of the Bounce Forward and DSPL8 Dacorum Partnership

Mental resilience, a key skill for living

Help your children develop the mental resilience they need to survive and thrive!

This course is being offered to you as part of the work Bounce Forward and DSPL8 Dacorum are doing to support parents and their children in building healthy minds.

Join this special Raise Resilience course – it’s designed to help you understand how best to talk to your children so they don’t feel awkward or embarrassed, how to promote empathy, nurture a growth mindset and understand that all emotions are needed.

The sessions are delivered as a webinar. You see the Bounce Forward trainer and the content. We hope you can join live, but if you can’t, you can catch up on-demand. We’ll also send you tools and resources you can use at home now or in the future.

The sessions will provide reflective and practical approaches in mental resilience to support positive changes in cognition and behaviour.

We are confident that you will quickly see the benefits of spending a little time with us as we walk you through the science – in a very practical way – and share the best way to pass on the ideas to your children in a way that works for you, and them.

Over 13,500 parents have valued our courses since March 2020!

“I found the content really useful. It is helping me managing my relationship with my daughter and also relationships with other people. The other great thing it did for me is to remind me how important I am as an individual and what a difference a little me time can do. For me it was great. Thank you Bounce Forward!”

“I was worried this would be ‘have a glass of water, take deep breaths and think happy thoughts’ type of session. I couldn’t have been more wrong, practical, clear, complex, yet easy to apply ideas that I feel really confident will work.”

Course Overview

You will be given downloadable activities and worksheets to use with your children.

What is resilience. The ages and stages for developing resilience in our children. How the brain works and the importance of negative and positive emotions.

This session explores the link between what we think, how we feel, and how we behave. Flexible and realistic thinking lies at the heart of resilience, it enables us to do the ‘right’ thing at the right time, so we achieve the best possible outcome. Optimism wedded to reality.

Helping our children gain more control over how they feel and behave. Reframing unhelpful choices, and developing empathy for self and others, so we can navigate uncertainty and learn to fail well.

Effective communication is essential as our children move into adolescence. We can find ourselves in cycles of nagging and bickering and focusing on the ‘big’ conversations, and with it, we become disconnected. Resilience and compassion are the keys to staying connected.

Nurturing and developing a growth mindset in our children. Understanding the psychological link between energy, emotions and behaviour.

Identifying the unique strengths of our children and us – and how to use them to best effect.

Course Details

Raise Resilience

Fully funded
  • Starting Monday 2nd October 2023
  • Six, 1-hour sessions, 8-9pm
  • Join live or catch up on-demand
  • Downloadable activities to use with children
  • Access to recordings forever

Frequently Asked questions

Six sessions that walk you through the science of mental resilience and how to build it in for yourself and your children.

Raise Resilience is useful for all adults around children and young people, and who want to learn more about how to build mental resilience.

The downloadable activities are designed for children aged nine and above, although many can be adapted and used with younger children. 

We often get asked whether the materials are suitable for children with SEN. Whilst the materials are not specifically designed for SEN they can be easily adapted and shaped in different ways.

The sessions are intended for adults.

Yes, each session will be recorded and provided to you. At the end of the course, a playlist of recordings will be sent to you so you can go back and access them forever!


The Role of Positive Emotions

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