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Resilience for Professionals

Skills We All Need to Thrive


We are more than professionals, or colleagues, or workers, we are people and people matter to organisations. Psychological fitness is as important as physical fitness. We have to nurture our mental muscle, look after our emotional wellbeing and not just so we cope with the difficult things that happen, but so we can make the most of opportunities across the boundaries of work and home life. Technology has created a more emphasised blurring of boundaries between personal and professional lives and heightens the need to recognise and value the importance of looking after our wellbeing as a key driver for both personal and professional success.

We adapt our approach to meet your needs

So talk to us about how we can help. Below are a few examples to give you a flavour of what is possible.

  • Resilience for Whole Staff Groups 

    Many schools use this as a building block for personal development and as a strategic approach to creating a step change to a thriving environment.


    This 2.5 hour session can be facilitated face to face or via webinar.

    The session offers a whole staff introduction to psychological fitness, what it is and why it matters. Bounce Forward’s approach is always to start with the adults – it’s not just what we say and teach that matters, but also the behaviour we model. So the aim is to think about personal psychological fitness as the backdrop for passing on the skills of mental resilience and emotional wellbeing to children.

    The standard learning outcomes for the session are:

    • Understand what we mean by psychological fitness and why it matters.
    • Explore the science of mental resilience and emotional wellbeing through a personal lens.
    • Consider practical applications of psychological fitness.

    Each session is designed to meet your needs – you can choose from a focus on staff or student wellbeing or as part of a whole school approach to school improvement.

    The key reasons to choose this for your education setting is:

    • to create a shared language framework for problem solving and performance success
    • to apply the science of personal development in a practical and relevant way
    • to clearly communicate that staff wellbeing is important and that psychological fitness matters for us all

    Bounce Forward’s approach is based on science, using a set of structured skills that not only create a shared language framework, but will equip your staff with the knowledge and practical tools that underpin psychological fitness, in the same way we know how to look after our physical fitness. We believe that prevention is better than cure and our ask is only for schools to do what they do best – value their staff and develop their students so they can thrive in the 21st century.

    Contact us today to discuss.

  • Thriving Leaders Thriving Teams  

    This course provides leaders with the skills to thrive personally, leading to improved outcomes for their organisations.

    This is a 2 module, 4 day development programme for leaders and aspiring leaders.

    Module 1: Resilient thinking and Harnessing emotions

    Module 2: Thriving relationships and Playing to strengths


  • Lunch and Learn Resilience 

    Designed for busy staff teams who would benefit from an introduction to resilience.

    Full details click here.

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What Professionals Say

“I have often thought about the resilience of others, as I have always felt resilient myself, which of course I am! So I had not expected to get so much out of the session.”

“It has been an inspiring and challenging experience and one I will never forget.”

“These approaches, skills, ways of thinking are relevant in every aspect of life. I would highly recommend it.”