Why Matt says support Bounce Forward

“Silent Sufferers are kids who get on and do their homework, speak when they’re spoken to and generally seem ok. But on the inside they are suffering with toxic thoughts; “I don’t look right. They don’t like me. I am not worth it. It’s my fault.”

Silent Sufferers are a time bomb in our society. What gets me energised about this is that we have a solution in our hands, we have the power to make meaningful change and it really doesn’t cost that much.”

Matt Kingdon

Why Bounce Forward needs you…

Bounce Forward’s mission is to provide all secondary school kids in the UK with 1-hour a week of psychological fitness lessons.

Your support will help shift the narrative from a ‘mental health crisis’ to one of empowerment and mental fitness. Champion emotional strength and mental agility as key attributes needed for success in the future. Enable the adults of tomorrow to be successful in a way that is in humanity’s best interest.

Choose to do something amazing today to influence the most important agenda of the 21st century!

What makes us special

How can you make a difference?

By supporting the drive to invest in prevention – you really will be giving Matt the best birthday present, and making a HUGE difference to our future generation.


The Role of Positive Emotions

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