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Healthy Minds

Healthy Minds delivers the Health and Relationship and Sex Education programme of study for schools. It brings together years of research, evidence of what works in schools and feedback from students. We know schools’ want to focus on emotional health and behaviour, as well as academic achievement, and Healthy Minds delivers.

Healthy Minds is made up of individual elements that together provide a five year timetable of lessons covering topics such as emotional resilience, mental health, social media, mindfulness, career hope and human connection.

Starting as a research project by the London School of Economics, Healthy Minds was funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and trialled in 34 schools over 5 years by Bounce Forward. We brought all that learning together and worked with teachers, senior leaders and professional to able to make this exciting package available to all schools.

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  • Duration

    CPD for staff is delivered ahead of each teaching element.

  • Delivery

    High quality, focused and engaging content, practical activities and shared learning. Training is delivered on-line.

  • For

    Secondary schools

  • Aim

    Equip staff with skills, specialist knowledge and high quality materials to teach the curriculum in school. Students gain in-depth teaching and learning to develop essential resilience and life skills for in and beyond schools through lessons and homework assignments

  • Price

    The cost will vary depending on the numbers of staff who are trained. Contact us for support on this.

In a bit more detail:


Teach Resilience Training 

.breathe – facilitated by Mindfulness in Schools Project and arranged by Bounce Forward. Contact us. 

Social Media Investigated Training.

Mental Illness Investigated Training.

Sex Ed Sorted – access via the Sex education Forum here.

Drug Education – access high quality materials for different year groups here.



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Certified by Lord Richard Layard Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics, to schools who commit to teaching Healthy Minds as a full scheme of work.

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“The extensive training results in very well trained, confident and engaged staff who have experienced first hand and fully understand the opportunities presented by the different activities and lessons. Students have had a very positive experience and value the lessons greatly. We now have a clear structure to our PSHE programme, but the emphasis on developing life skills through exploring experiences and scenarios, has contributed to our work in developing resilient, robust and well-balanced individuals ready to make a positive contribution to the school and society.”

David Croston

Headteacher, Chancellor's School