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Anxiety Unravelled Dacorum Parents

DSPL8 are continuing to support parents in the Dacorum area by giving FREE access to Bounce Forward courses.

Children and young people will feel anxious and worried from time to time. Anxiety is a normal or usual response to uncertainty. The way we respond as parents, and deal with our own anxiety plays a significant role.

The last couple of years have certainly generated lots of uncertainty. You may be more worried than you might usually be as you think about the impact on you and your family. Perhaps you are in the midst of a growing cycle of worry and concern that you’d like to unravel. You are not on your own.

It is possible to use this experience to learn how best to help children not only understand why human beings experience anxiety, but also to help them, and you, develop strategies that will really help in a practical way. Join Bounce Forward for a series of three 60-minute webinars to explore anxiety. The sessions will provide a space to think about your own responses and provide some practical tips and advice that you can use at home to help your children develop their resilience to anxiety.

If you would like to join our next Anxiety Unravelled course on the dates below, please complete the contact form to the right hand side.

DATES: 11th, 13th & 18th October at 20:00-21:00

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More Information

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  • Who is it for?

    Parents who want to explore how best to help their children deal well with anxiety and uncertainty.

    The course is useful for parents with children of school age.

  • Are the sessions available on-demand?

    Yes, each live session will be recorded and sent to you after so you can watch them in your own time.

  • Where is it?

    The live session will take place on Zoom, an online platform that allows you to see the trainer and the content. If you don’t already have the Zoom app, you can download it for free here. Once installed on your device, simply click on the meeting link provided by us at the allocated time, and we will take care of the rest. There is a useful video tutorial on how to join a meeting here.

  • Can I ask questions?

    Absolutely, we encourage you to get involved through live chat and Q&A functions. There is also a Facebook group where you can ask questions and chat with other parents, click here to join it now.

  • Will you be able to see me?

    No, the sessions are one-way, so it’s only the Bounce Forward trainer on the screen.

  • Do we attend the session with our children?

    The sessions are for you on your own.

Click here to contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you there!

Terms and conditions

Course Overview 

Session 1: What is anxiety?

This session explores anxiety to ask what is it, where it comes from and why it’s actually essential for human beings to experience anxiety.

Session 2: How we talk about anxiety

This session is a cognitive exploration of anxiety. Exploring what can get in the way of how we deal with our children’s anxiety. Thinking about our own responses and the way we model dealing with stress, concerns and worries. The way we communicate through verbal and non verbal responses.

Session 3: Helping my child deal with anxiety

Practical tips on strategies that can be used to help you help your children understand and deal with anxiety.

What parents say

Over 7,500 Parents Reached since March 2020

What parents say 

“So useful to have tangible, written down, step by step guidelines to follow!”

100% of parents rate the usefulness of this course 10/10

“This is definitely a great positive to come out of a negative situation!”

“You are a wealth of knowledge and find it so valuable that you are offering this free service at this difficult time. I also was very inspired at how passionate you are about your work and the importance of teaching these skills to children and teenagers.”

“I think these sessions have been my oxygen mask!”