Anxiety Unravelled

A three-session on-line course for parents in Dacorum

Children and young people will feel anxious and worried from time to time. Anxiety is a normal or usual response to uncertainty. The way we respond as parents, and deal with our own anxiety plays a significant part in building our children’s capacity to cope and develop mental resilience.

The last few years has certainly generated lots of uncertainty and changed the way we go about our everyday lives. 

You may be feeling more worried than usual as you think about the impact on you and your family. Perhaps you are in the midst of a growing cycle of worry and concern that you’d like to unravel. You are not on your own.

DSPL8 are continuing to support parents in Dacorum, Hertfordshire through a series of Bounce Forward programmes.

What parents say

I have a 13 yr old son, who has had counseling in the past due to anxiety caused by the pandemic and I have a university aged daughter who is taking medication to tackle anxiety. This course has helped me understand more and will certainly be useful in supporting them moving forward. 

The course was very informative and it was a nice forum to meet others and share our experiences of dealing with anxiety. Learning about the strategies to help us deal with anxiety was particularly useful and I am using these to help manage my own anxiety as well as my son’s. The ABC and ‘Wobble’ approaches are brilliant.

Course overview

This session explores anxiety to ask what is it, where it comes from and why it’s actually essential for human beings to experience anxiety.

This session is a cognitive exploration of anxiety. Exploring what can get in the way of how we deal with our children’s anxiety. Thinking about our own responses and the way we model dealing with stress, concerns and worries. The way we communicate through verbal and non verbal responses.

Practical tips on strategies that can be used to help you help your children understand and deal with anxiety.

Course details

Anxiety Unravelled

  • Three, 1-hour sessions
  • Join live or catch up on-demand
  • Access to recordings forever

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Frequently Asked questions

Parents who want to explore how best to help their children deal well with anxiety. 

The course is useful for parents with children of school age. 

The webinar sessions are run on Zoom, an online platform that allows you to see the trainer and content. 

Absolutely. We encourage you to get involved through the live chat.

No, the sessions are one-way so you will only see the Bounce Forward trainer on the screen!

It is important to understand the sessions will invite participants to consider, reflect on and learn skills to develop emotional resilience. The course will explore anxiety in the context of real life circumstances, but is not intended to solve individual problems, significant life challenges or provide therapeutic support of any kind.

By confirming your attendance, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and taking full responsibility for your suitability to attend.


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