Master Resilience to Thrive

Insight to the skills, techniques, knowledge for transformational change 

Mental resilience and emotional wellbeing, key skills for thriving

For too long, we have waited for problems to arise before taking action, but what if we worked upstream …..

I have spent 20 years building and developing knowledge about how to live our best lives. Getting to grips with what really matters to us, and turning research into practice.

During this Master Class we will be working through the key components of psychological fitness, and sharing the ‘how to’ of building mental resilience for yourself and for others.

I will share specific and useful tips for passing on skills to the young adults around you, whether that be your adult children, adult students or young workforce.

I will be delivering this as a series of four, 1 hour webinars and you will leave with tools and resources that you can use as delivery tools in the setting where you work.

Join me in this reflective and practical space to explore and challenge the narrative about mental health.

Deepen your understanding of the characteristics of wellbeing, as a transformative and enabling feature of how we live together.

Explore the skills to strengthen the mental muscle and build your expertise and knowledge to pass on the skills and habits for living our best lives.

I have worked with 1000s of people in different roles

Lucy is deeply experienced, truly engaging and has a grounded and refreshing delivery style. I felt intellectual challenged and deeply passionate about passing on the information shared. 

I was worried this would be ‘have a glass of water, take deep breaths and think happy thoughts’. I couldn’t have been more wrong, practical, clear, complex, yet easy to apply ideas that I feel really confident will work for myself and the young adults across our campus.

Taking that time out to actually think about the way we are existing was so useful. For me, and I imagine for many, I think I spend too much time in burn out and survival mode, so don’t give this kind of thing enough time. I feel inspired to make positive changes. 


You will receive a certificate on completion 


The focus of the series will be on the important role that our thoughts and beliefs play in three key areas:

  1. Creating a stronger sense of yourself to better manage the expectations (both real and imagined) across different aspects of your life.

  2. Making the most of current opportunities by focusing on the beliefs you have about your own abilities, the capacity you have to learn and how to handle the pressures of life.

  3. Ensuring that self-beliefs do not limit your ability to prepare for the future. Encouraging a focus on a future that enables you to play to your strengths and to present the best version of yourself when the opportunity arises.


Course Details

Master Resilience to Thrive

£25 per session
  • Starting Tuesday 18th June 2024
  • Four, 1-hour sessions, 19.00 - 20.00
  • 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th June
  • Tools and resources to take back to your setting

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Frequently Asked questions

Six sessions that walk you through the science of mental resilience and how to build it in for yourself and your children.

Raise Resilience is useful for all parents who want to learn more about resilience and how to build resilience in children.

The downloadable activities are designed for children aged nine and above, although many can be adapted and used with younger children. 

We often get asked whether the materials are suitable for children with SEN. Whilst we have not specifically designed the materials for SEN they can be easily adapted and shaped in different ways.

The sessions are intended for parents on their own. 

Yes, each session is recorded and provided to all registered participants. At the end of the course, a playlist of recordings is sent to you so you can go back and access them forever!


The Role of Positive Emotions

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