now part of Teach Mental Resilience (primary) and the Healthy Minds (secondary)curriculum

Introducing Papalona

Our beliefs shape our experience. Everything we see, everyone we meet, every event that happens to us is viewed through the filter of beliefs. This is something that is central to the learning in our resilience skills learning in both Teach Mental Resilience and the foundation lessons for  Healthy Minds. Helping young people to think flexibly and realistically so they build self-efficacy and confidence. 

Papalona’s audios work on the level of the subconscious mind to support good mental health. They can even help avoid problems in the first place. No one can talk directly to the subconscious in normal working state, but Papalona’s audios take advantage of the listener’s natural brainwave cycles to deliver positive, affirming messaging directly to their subconscious.

Papalona is delighted to work with Bounce Forward to add our beautiful recordings as part of Teach Mental Resilience and Healthy Minds.  Papalona and Bounce Forward recognise the need to teach children early about their beliefs, how to challenge and reframe them so they can be happy, confident, resilient, compassionate and curious as they move through adolescence into adulthood.  


You will find the Papalona recordings in

the Resilience Skills lessons. The audios are embedded and ready for you to play.

Calm and Relaxed 



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Papalona’s audios are designed to be very simple to use.  Best of all, because they are designed for the subconscious mind, there is no active listening or effort required.

Simply press play on the tracks at the start of the lesson (or when the students are filing in).  The unobtrusive nature sounds will immediately start to create a relaxing environment.  Underneath the nature sounds, at a level that the subconscious mind hears and absorbs, are carefully crafted positive affirmations designed to sooth and relax the listener’s mind whilst helping it to form new neural pathways with positive messages that support good mental health.

For more information on how to works visit our How it Works page  

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The Role of Positive Emotions

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