A parent’s view: Building resilience in my children

"This is honestly the only course to provide prevention tools, skills and knowledge"

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Tracy Lawson, mum of three

I recently complete Raise Resilience and wanted to share my experience. I would recommend Bounce Forward to any parent who wants to learn new skills to help their children develop and grow. It’s honestly one of the only places that provide tools to aid prevention of negative effects on mental health. It was fantastic! 

A bit about Tracy

I am a mum of three boys. Two are teenagers and my youngest is 10 years old. We live in a beautiful part of the country in West Sussex, and get to enjoy the sea and outdoors. I am a volunteer, charity worker. 

I worry about the negative psychological impact of the pandemic on children’s health and keen to learn more. I enrolled on a children’s mental health course. The course focused on symptoms, treatments, procedures. I did gain a lot of knowledge, but as I was asked to think about the ideas working with my youngest son, I did not feel it was sensitive to my child. What I really wanted was tools, to help me navigate new ways to build resilience in my children. On the course there was a link to Bounce Forward – so I enrolled. 

What had the most impact

I learnt so much on the course. There was a few things that I would highlight as they had the biggest impact for me.

The first was the link between thoughts, feeling and behaviour. It really challenged me, with what I believe in a situation and how it affects the consequences of my behaviour. Sometimes our belief system may not always see the actual event in a positive light and we can put a negative spin on how we see it.  It was a lightbulb moment as I realised, I might be missing something! 

The course has helped me listen more to my boys and listen to what they believe in an event. To come alongside my child and to look deeper into their thoughts and beliefs.

The strengths survey, has also shown me how different and unique we can all be and how when one of your top strengths is challenged or knocked down it can affect your life in a negative way. 

Using ABC

By implementing the ABC theory, which is A- activating event, B- belief, C- consequences (emotions and behaviour). It’s so simple on one level but then deeply useful on another.

It has really helped me, show my boys how their belief system can alter the consequences of an event. By first listening to them and then asking a few questions about their perspective, what they believe to be true about the event. It really opened the door to meaningful and forward thinking responses from them to the event.

Their belief system was challenged in a positive way. I saw an improvement in their confidence towards the outcome. It’s like they worked out a solution and this skill really builds a positive memory and a strong foundation for their life.

Prevention is better than cure

I wholeheartedly believe teaching children mental resilience and emotional well-being should be included in educational settings from a young age and definitely part of the curriculum.

Children will flourish in life when their emotional well-being is nurtured and developed.

Our children have been through so much turmoil and by building resilience life skills,  they will develop into adults that have the ability to cope with any negative experiences. Emotional intelligence is just as important as academic achievement.

I would definitely recommend Raise Resilience to any parent, who wants to learn new skills to help their children develop and grow. I am looking forward to doing more courses through Bounce Forward.


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