Bounce Forward - Bounce Forward

Bounce Forward

Resilience is the key to personal development. Evidence proves that resilience increases our ability to overcome setbacks, make the most of opportunities, and bounce forward in life. 

Teaching emotional resilience and wellbeing is now a statutory requirement for schools across the UK.

Focus on resilience in the context of thriving and being able to be the best we can in the small everyday moments. 

The personal development of young people (and the adults around them) is as important in society, as academics.

Its a better use of resources and time to build resilience in a lasting and sustainable way for both adults and young people.

Developing a deep understanding of the psychology and science of resilience is possible and will result in more helpful and less harmful behaviour.  

Bounce Forward training and lessons mean students (and staff):

  • Deal better with education and life pressures to bounce forward in and beyond school.
  • Have compassion, hope and empathy for self and others. 
  • Are able to think flexibly and realistically to adapt and respond to the world around them. 
  • Are proactive agents for change for good. 

We have had more than 15 staff trained through Bounce Forward. They are always rated extremely highly not only for the quality of the courses, resources and quality of delivery, but also for their knowledge, skills and passion about the professional development they deliver. If you want the gold standard, then go to Bounce Forward.

Carole Black

Assistant Head Teacher, Dr Challoner's Grammar School