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Bounce Forward

When it comes to mental health prevention is better than cure. Psychological fitness is as important as physical fitness and exams. It’s key for success in the 21st century. 

Our approach equips children and young people with the knowledge and skills, in a practical, evidenced and lasting way.   

Psychological fitness combines mental resilience and emotional wellbeing, the critical skills of the future. 

We train teachers to develop the expertise and the know how to teach evidenced based lessons as part of the core curriculum. Bounce Forward lessons teach students: 

  • How to deal better with education and life pressures so they bounce forward in and beyond school.
  • The mental resilience skills to think flexibly and realistically to adapt and respond to challenges and make the most of opportunities. 
  • The emotional capacity for empathy, compassion and hope. 
  • How to be proactive agents for change about the things they care about, and that matter most for humanity.  

We teach parents about the science of how to raise psychologically fit children. 

The adults around children, parents and teachers are important role models in creating and demonstrating psychological fitness.

Changing our education system 

We are shifting the narrative about the purpose and content of education, and we can (and are) creating amazing change from the ground up. BUT we need more support for our cause: to continue to help schools and to reach parents.

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HGSS is delivering the bounce forward lessons this year with great success, even with the disruption caused by COVID19. Our resilience lessons were a significantly positive feature of our year 7 provision in particular, with parents commenting on how vital they were while students struggled to cope with the stresses and pressures of working remotely.  Your programme of lessons (with our tweaks) had a huge impact on their wellbeing.

Robin Whitby

Deputy SENDCO, Holmer Green Senior School