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Teach Mental Resilience

When it comes to mental health, prevention is better than cure. Psychological fitness is as important as academics and physical health.

Teach Mental Resilience is exceptional CPD for teachers and lessons designed for 9-11 year olds.

The CPD guides teachers through the science of psychological fitness and fully equips them to teach the ‘ready to use’ lessons in the classroom.

Psychological fitness combines mental resilience and emotional wellbeing, key attributes needed for success in the 21st century. You teach these skills using our high quality lessons, that build essential understanding about the brain and build self awareness, the basis for effective communication empathy and navigating uncertain times.

  • Meet statutory requirement to teach mental resilience, emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • Prepare children for transition and moving on
  • Explicitly teach children understand how to get through challenging times, recognise that failure is part of success and learn how to look after themselves with lots of practical and experimental learning

In teaching Bounce Forward lessons you will be proactively building pupils psychological fitness and helping to prevent mental ill-health.

Bounce Forward Resilience Skills  

After completing the training, teaching and learning materials for six Bounce Forward Resilience Skills modules will be delivered electronically – ready to use in the classroom.

In addition, you will receive a FREE Transitions Pack filled with practical tools and activities to help prepare for transitions and change.

Click each Bounce Forward Resilience Skills module to reveal the learning outcomes achieved.

  • Module 1) Resilience & Harnessing Positive Emotions

    • Understand that life is a journey with challenges (big and small) and it is our resilience that helps us overcome these
    • Explore emotions
    • Discover that emotions can be helpful and unhelpful, and we can learn to regulate them
    • Know we ALL have resilience
  • Module 2) Connecting the Brain, Emotions & Thoughts

    • Understand the brain and the role of emotions
    • Consider the importance of being calm to help with resilient responses
    • Discover the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Module 3) Introducing Gremlin Beliefs

    • Understand that resilience skills can help us understand why we react the way we do
    • Identify common Gremlin Beliefs of resilience
    • Recognise that the Gremlin Beliefs are not in control
  • Module 4) Optimism & Evidence

    • Understand there is a difference between optimistic and pessimistic thinking
    • Know the importance of respect for different perspectives
    • Discover how to use evidence to create more flexible and accurate thinking
  • Module 5) WoBbLe

    • Understand the importance of gratitude
    • Know how to use the WoBbLe skill – to tame the Catastrophising Gremlin Belief
    • Discover how to calm down when emotions are strong
  • Module 6) Resilience Planning

    • Understand all the resilience skills covered in the lessons
    • Create an individual resilience plan
    • Consider how resilience skills can help one express themselves and understand others
  • FREE Transitions Pack 

    • Meet Tia & Tomos, as they prepare for transition to secondary school and deal with change
    • Develop resilience to set backs related to change
    • Using the WoBbLe skill to tame catastrophic thoughts about uncertainty and change
    • Calm and focus ideas to reinforce how to be kind and the importance of recharging the batteries
    • Activities to recognise strengths and look after their wellbeing

More Information

Here we have answered some frequently asked questions about the course.

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  • What is Teach Mental Resilience?

    Exceptional CPD and fully prepared lessons.

    The foundation training takes teachers through the background and science of mental resilience and emotional wellbeing, starting at an adult level. Why, because we know this has an impact on learning outcomes in the classroom and also the skills are pretty useful for all of us!

    The full CPD is structured as a mix of content, pre-recorded sessions, live interactive webinars, ongoing mentoring and support.

    Teaching and learning materials for six evidenced based modules and the transitions pack are sent electronically.

    Attendees receive a certificate to recognise the Continued Professional Development and to certify them as a Bounce Forward Teacher once they have taught the full suite of six modules and completed the CPD.

  • Who is it for?

    Schools who want to learn how to teach psychological skills that build mental resilience and emotional wellbeing in their students.

    The six teaching modules have been designed for students aged 9 – 11 (years 5 and 6).

    Bounce Forward Healthy Minds is available for secondary schools. Find out more here.

  • Can I ask questions?

    Absolutely, our approach to training is to encourage questions both through the training and when teaching the lessons. This isn’t a one off training programme, it is about ongoing mentoring and live support for as long as staff feel it is useful.

  • Can I ask a question that isn’t covered here?  

    Please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.

Click here to contact us with any questions, and we hope to see you there!

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What teachers say

What Pupils Say

“I didn’t realise that other people think the same as I do.”

“WoBbLe has really helped me not worry so much.”

“I really like the story and the characters and seeing how they deal with things.”

What teachers say