Why Resilience? - Bounce Forward

Why Resilience?

Resilience means we can cope when things get tough and we are able to make the most out of opportunities. Above all, we learn and bounce forward. Like any skill worth having, resilience takes practice but the capacity lies in all of us. Once mastered, the skills enable us to be the best possible version of ourselves, so we are able to feel good and function well. With improved emotional and mental health.

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the year when health education, including teaching mental resilience, is going to be compulsory

“The extensive training results in very well trained, confident and engaged staff who have experienced first hand and fully understand the opportunities presented by the different activities and lessons. Students have had a very positive experience and value the lessons greatly. We now have a clear structure to our PSHE programme, but the emphasis on developing life skills through exploring experiences and scenarios, has contributed to our work in developing resilient, robust and well-balanced individuals ready to make a positive contribution to the school and society.”

David Croston

Headteacher, Chancellor's School